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Efforts in this area should include expanding modern business education, promoting best practices for businesses, and encouraging a level playing field to stimulate investment.
In many ways, we at GM were reminded of what business is really capable of doing and the role that we can and must play in promoting development.
It appears that certain elements of the HAAS side should stop fighting a fruitless battle against data and get on to promoting health for the overweight/obese population.
We have to move beyond traditional uses for soybeans, and what better way to help grow markets than promoting a contest dealing with alternative uses," he adds.
Pageant supporters responded by emphasizing the importance of beautiful and articulate Chinese American women as role models for promoting respect for the community.
Fourteau reported that Sciele Pharma will begin promoting Zovirax,([R]) which has been licensed from Biovail, in January 2007.
This will increase safety, improve visibility for audiences and enhance performances, promoting recreation and appreciation for the arts.
In light of a continued terrorist threat in Southeast Asia, evident in major bombings in Bali and Jakarta in the past two years, efforts to combat terrorist activity have been central to the pursuit of EAP's strategic goals that encompass the following: our traditional, primary long-term goal of promoting regional stability; fostering democracy and human rights; encouraging economic prosperity; fighting transnational issues and international crime; and preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
This dismal performance in promoting economic freedom has resulted in low standards of living in the region.
Working with such partners as neighborhood associations, school districts, faith groups, farmer's markets, recreation and transportation agencies, county commissions and private businesses, coalition grantees will take on an array of projects that meet their community's specific needs and opportunities to promote physical activity and healthy eating, including establishing farmer's markets, promoting the connectivity and usage of recreational trails, and advocating for health-promoting land use, zoning, and school nutrition policies.
But Glendale lags behind many comparable departments in the region in promoting women, with only two women employees ranked higher than officer.

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