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These films were used as the outer layers and the modified PE-g-MAs (with a thickness of approximately 100 [micro]m) as the inner layer, serving as an adhesion promoting agent.
According to team leader, Masakatsu Shibazaki, professor of synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Tokyo, the cancer promoting agent can be used to study the mechanism of cancer development.
The adhesion promoting agent is comprised of a graft copolymer that is comprised of the reaction product of a halogenated polyolefin polymer having at least one reactive functionality; reacted with a substantially saturated hydrocarbon polymer having more than one reactive functionality, at least one first reactive functionality of the hydrocarbon polymer reacted with the reactive functionality of the halogenated polyolefin such that the hydrocarbon polymer is grafted onto the polyolefin polymer to form the graft copolymer.
During the panel, executives will focus on the general state of existing infrastructures, including terrestrial, submarine, satellite and data centers; discuss new business models to justify investment; and explain the role of government as a promoting agent to foreign investment.
In this model, rats are intraperitoneally injected with DEN at a dose of 200 mg/kg and 2 weeks later are treated for 2 weeks with 2-acetylaminofluorene (2-AAF) as the promoting agent.

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