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We do not know whether he lived long enough for a chance of that promotion whose way was so arduous.
With the same anxious forethought he wrote a letter of instructions to Captain Thorn, in which he urged the strictest attention to the health of himself and his crew, and to the promotion of good-humor and harmony on board his ship.
But of one thing he was satisfied, that he never should have left that pleasant island, where he was as happy as a king without subjects-- no, not if the inducement held out had been promotion to the first lordship in the admiralty!
He is leaving me here, God knows why, when he might have had promotion.
I staked my life in the fever swamps of Africa, to gain the promotion that I only desired for her sake--and gained it.
Influenced by the feeling which leads all officials to seek promotion,--a violent, unreflecting, almost brutal passion,--he desired success, just as he desired the cross of the Legion of honor, without doing anything against his conscience to obtain it, and solely, as he believed, on the strength of his son-in- law's merits.
My promotion was rapid, for my family seems to inherit naval lore.
So promotion had come to him tardily, and by virtue of the slowly-working laws of seniority.
I would spend it, then - devote my life - and all its powers to the promotion and preservation - '
A council was now called, in which, after many debates, Molly still persisting that she would not go to service, it was at length resolved, that Goody Seagrim herself should wait on Miss Western, and endeavour to procure the place for her eldest daughter, who declared great readiness to accept it: but Fortune, who seems to have been an enemy of this little family, afterwards put a stop to her promotion.
The great events rendered the newspapers rather interesting, to be sure, and Briggs read out the Gazette, in which Rawdon Crawley's gallantry was mentioned with honour, and his promotion was presently recorded.
Vronsky had that winter got his promotion, was now a colonel, had left the regimental quarters, and was living alone.

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