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For a long time Tarzan could not tell whether the beast was following out of friendly feelings or merely stalking him against the time he should be hungry; but finally he was forced to believe that the former incentive it was that prompted the animal's action.
Several weeks after I had been informed of the engagement, but before it had been convenient for me to make the acquaintance of the young woman and her family, I met one day on Kearney street a handsome but somewhat dissipated-looking man whom something prompted me to follow and watch, which I did without any scruple whatever.
She rated Lady Russell's influence highly; and as to the severe degree of self-denial which her own conscience prompted, she believed there might be little more difficulty in persuading them to a complete, than to half a reformation.
Curiosity prompted him to tarry a moment, and in that moment his quick eyes caught the unfamiliar coloration of the clothing of the two Swedes behind a bush not far from him.
What he had done had been prompted by a desire to be revenged upon the two white men.
The ape-man considered entering and inquiring for those he sought; but his better judgment finally prompted him to reconnoiter first.
It was one evening, when being brought, as I may say, to the last gasp, I think I may truly say I was distracted and raving, when prompted by I know not what spirit, and, as it were, doing I did not know what or why, I dressed me (for I had still pretty good clothes) and went out.
This was the bait; and the devil, who I said laid the snare, as readily prompted me as if he had spoke, for I remember, and shall never forget it, 'twas like a voice spoken to me over my shoulder, 'Take the bundle; be quick; do it this moment.
So, Mr and Mrs Alfred Lammle had to prompt, and this is how they prompted.
Instinct had prompted her to put away her husband's bounty in casting off her allegiance.
And she would seat herself at the piano and play as her humor prompted her while the young woman read the letter.
2010), mands prompted at a high rate are exhibited and reinforced more frequently than mands prompted at a low rate.