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Solario, Prompter then showed his class when second to Morana in the Autumn Stakes at Ascot in October.
2 Core Measures Prompters Standardized order sets, progress notes prompting required documentation.
Bell's representative Ian Smith said: "The win is extra special as Michael also trained Motivator, and Prompter carried the same colours as Motivator (Royal Ascot Racing Club).
I wish I hadn't agreed to be prompter, Marnie said to herself for the hundredth time that evening.
If agents fill the role of prompter and raise the questions, more people will investigate and use exchanging to save taxes, which is good for the real estate marketplace.
These benefits include enhancing the IRS's service and enforcement missions, such as faster tax processing, reduced cycle time for examinations, prompter identification of developing auditing trends and potential for quicker resolution of taxpayer problems.
The airlines were reportedly prompter than in any first quarter except 2002 - the best year since the bureau begin compiling the statistic nine years ago.
Also, because the students free up staff, residents receive a prompter response to their needs from staff professionals.
These included the perennial problem of payment times, with Sainsbury promising prompter settlements.
Should we have to change our policy as a result, it would be unfortunate, for I firmly believe that a shift to prompter disclosure of the substance of our deliberations will adversely affect our discussions and decisions and therefore monetary policy itself.
Reminds us of that figure we once saw: Perhaps a prompter, quick to find The words that lesser actors have forgotten.
It's also important to recognize that silence can be an excellent prompter.