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The courage and promptitude of Mr Routledge, he said, reminded him that bravery was not only displayed in fighting our enemies but also in civil life.
Failure to assert it with reasonable promptitude may be considered a waiver of such right,' the resolution read.
Un nouvel arrete interministeriel fixant la liste des marches de produits et de services qui necessitent une promptitude de decision vient d'etre publie dans le Journal officiel.
This is a property resulting from data promptitude and data availability, easiness and rapidity of calculation, from simplicity of formula and of weighting system, from truthfulness of base and practical construction of indexes.
Readiness at sea: "It is necessary to be ready to defend ourselves from those who want to attack, because promptitude, as says Vegetius, is sometimes more useful than strength in war" (Part I, chap.
Commending the high level of promptitude and professionalism of the national guard, army and security forces, the minister affirmed that fight against terrorism is the responsibility of all citizens.
degree of promptitude with which the gulf is narrowed.
par les reponses legislatives a la suite de verdicts, la promptitude de
Besides the promptitude of stating the customs, people that benefit from a traditional memory develop a sort of indifference towards all possible reactions such as indignation or contempt: "I tell the others what to do.
SM le Roi a affirme que le Maroc, solidaire avec le peuple palestinien, renouvelle sa condamnation energique de l'agression israelienne inique dans la bande de Gaza, rappelant que la solidarite concrete du Maroc avec le peuple palestinien frere s'est manifestee par la promptitude du Royaume a apporter son soutien aux Palestiniens victimes de l'agression israelienne contre Gaza.
He said that the top leadership of the commission acts as a team and is discharging its constitutional responsibilities with firmness and required promptitude.