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There is no doubt that, but for your promptness, things might have gone much worse.
With her usual promptness of resolution, Emily decided on taking it for granted that she was free to use as she pleased a carriage which had been already placed at her disposal.
Some gave their "mari-mari" (good morning) with promptness, but the greater number did not seem inclined to offer any salute.
Next morning, very early, long before Fyne had to start for his office, the "odious personage" turned up, not exactly unexpected perhaps, but startling all the same, if only by the promptness of his action.
Sabin remarked, on his part, "of adding a trifle to the amount we first spoke of, which I beg you will accept from me as a mark of my gratitude for your promptness.
With the promptness and energy which characterised not only the public proceedings, but all the private actions of this extraordinary man, he at once led his new attendant to one of those convenient emporiums where gentlemen's new and second- hand clothes are provided, and the troublesome and inconvenient formality of measurement dispensed with; and before night had closed in, Mr.
They are the same person," said Philip, with calm promptness, "at different ages.
Today we are number one in Vietnam with our quality, promptness, logistics, perseverance and partners, she said.
Power certification, centers must perform within the top 20 percent of customer service scores based on criteria that include a specialist's courtesy, job knowledge and concern for the customer; promptness in answering customer calls; and a timely resolution of the customer's request or problem.
It is very important that everyone knows whether the treatment is effective or not, but depends on promptness and diagnosis.
The Italian manufacturer of professional food catering equipment for restaurants, hotels and resorts was chosen as a partner because of its high performance equipment, the support of a team that responded with promptness to the requirements of CIR Food and worked alongside the production division in order to ensure the delivery, installation and testing of the 20 kitchen complexes in time for Expo 2015.
It tests accuracy as well as asks for promptness in shooting the target.