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I reported the incident to the police and they arrived with commendable promptness to ensure my home was safe from further intrusion.
He added: ''Anyone in possession of the facts would have acted in exactly the same way as Richard Lewis and we applaud the promptness and firmness of the RFL chairman's response.
The counselor or workshop facilitator can help parents recognize the child's source of motivation (self, parent, or teacher) and whether the child needs to improve in promptness and persistence in doing his or her homework.
The state chairs and support staff deserve a vote of thanks, too, for their hard work and promptness returning forms.
Among physicians participating in managed care plans, administrative workload, external review of clinical decisions, and promptness of payment were the greatest areas of dissatisfaction.
We would like to thank Bangor officials and all concerned for their help, sympathy and promptness in attending to the horse.
The taxpayers rated the events on promptness of service, employee courtesy, employee competence, fair treatment, effort to resolve problem and convenience of office hours.
AIT has a reputation for completing jobs on time, but while promptness attracts more work, Hurt says he does not want m grow too quickly.
She wrote: "A member of staff fell ill late in 1994-95 and, although others took on his duties, the promptness of payment suffered.
According to a recent survey by ITT Hartford in conjunction with Human Resource Executive magazine, promptness and quality of claims service ranked first, cited by 85 percent of respondents; followed by a carrier's responsiveness to problems; and its financial stability.
It is one of the chief functions of the public accountant so to marshall the accounts they they will set forth the facts esential to the proper management of a given enterprise, and this is a form easily understood and with such promptness that the information is current with the transactions described.