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and why in and around MIA you'll find a bustling trade support infrastructure comprised of more than 1,000 freight forwarders and almost 250 customs brokers like Promptus LLC.
679: "Ira per zelum dicitur habitus quo aliquis est habilis sive promptus ad irascendum peccato proximi <ex> zelo, id est ex caritate.
Promptus Signs Agreement to Market and Distribute OneAccess's Advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice over DSL (VoDSL) Products In Australia and New Zealand.
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Qui libertates solitas tibi dempserat omnes, Nunc redit et plures reddere promptus eas.
Cindy Tye 48664 Milmont Dr Fremont, CA 94538 Phone: 510-353-7600 Fax: 510-353-7601 Promptus Communications Richard Cardone 207 High Point Ave.
In the years leading to Unisphere, he founded three successful technology companies: Redstone Communications (acquired by Siemens), Arris Networks (acquired by Cascade Communications, now Lucent), and Promptus Communications.
PARIS, September 25 /PRNewswire/ -- OneAccess, European leader of enterprise access routers and professional multiplay IP devices, today announced the execution of a Master Distributor agreement with Promptus Communications based in Sydney Australia, a leading value-added distributor specializing in IP telephony and converged access solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
The live and "virtual" video images are fed into an Oasis 200B Bandwidth Controller from Promptus Communications.
These new CipherOptics partners join a top notch, worldwide partner base of select CipherOptics partners that are already benefiting from CipherOptics' innovative approach to protecting data in motion, including Business Partner Solutions, DNS, EMC, Focus Europe, IPnett, McData, Promptus and US Access.
a worldwide leader in the convergence of interactive voice, video, data and web communications, today extended its initiative for network and media security for video communications through a partnership with Biodata Systems GmbH, a world leader in network and communication security, and Promptus InfoCrypt(R), Inc.
Before joining Fujitsu, Joe was vice president of engineering at several networking companies, including DataPower Technology, Promptus Communications, and Interspeed.