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PROMULGATION. The order given to cause a law to be executed, and to make it public it differs from publication. (q.v.) 1 Bl. Com. 45; Stat. 6 H. VI., c. 4.
     2. With regard to trade, unless previous notice can be brought home to the party charged with violating their provisions, laws are to be considered as beginning to operate in the respective collection districts only from the time they are received from the proper department by the collector. Paine's C. C. R. 32. See Paine's C. C. R. 2 3.

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Shuja Khanzada said as a result of implementation of the National Action Plan and promulgation of the ordinances, action will be taken against terrorists.
The order shall be effective the day after its promulgation in the Official Gazette.
The politicians, sociologists and analysts have been discussing ways and means to stop army's intervention and promulgation of Martial Laws, but no serious effort was ever made to identify the causes that led to promulgation of Martial Laws in Pakistan.
In turn, the President of the Italian Chamber of deputies lauded the promulgation of the new Constitution, based, shed said, on the principles of equality, freedom and pluralism.
The promulgation of this Ordinance would ensure the continuance of the actions already initiated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, including framing of regulations; appointment of Recovery Officers; organizing capacity building programmes; and taking action against irregularities and frauds in the securities market.
Muscat: The GCC countries are considering the promulgation of Standards GCC Competition and Anti-Monopoly Law for encouraging competition and combating any practices that may restrict trade, or prevent competition among public organisations in these countries.
Applications for participation in the procedure will be accepted by 17:00 o'clock on the 140th day after the official promulgation.
The Parliament's 60th session has began, under chairmanship of Parliament Speaker, Usama al-Nujeify, and attendance of 206 MPs, to invite the Foreign and Finance Ministers, along with the Governor of the Central Bank, regarding the promulgation of the Agreement on the Settlement of Financial Demands between Iraq and the United States," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Addressing the Pak-American Cultural Society in New Jersey (USA), Musharraf once again defended his decision regarding the promulgation of the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), saying it was necessary, as the judiciary had failed to take action against slain Pakistan People's Party (PPP) leader Benazir Bhutto and other political leaders in any of the corruption cases filed against them.
The installation with the three square panels constitutes a sort of altarpiece, situated in an art center that was formerly a church, a platform for the promulgation of rules and mores.
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has released the final version of the rules, which are scheduled to take effect nine months from the date of their promulgation.
It will take effect nine months from the date of its promulgation.