prone to believe

See: credulous
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I cannot say that he was never again misled by his hopefulness: the yield of crops or the profits of a cattle sale usually fell below his estimate; and he was always prone to believe that he could make money by the purchase of a horse which turned out badly-- though this, Mary observed, was of course the fault of the horse, not of Fred's judgment.
His wife found him selfish, peevish, hankering after change, and prone to believe that he was attacked by dangerous disease when he was only catching cold.
The "I'm all right Jack" syndrome and the fact that people are prone to believe what they want to believe combined with rising markets can lead to an irrational euphoria.
State narratives make people "suspicious and prone to believe conspiracies", El-Masry said.
As is every Turkish citizen, he is also prone to believe that his old foes in Turkey are being assisted by their traditional allies abroad and in the international media.
Hubristic presidents contemplating Churchill's bust in their office are prone to believe that they have been called upon to be "war presidents" -- that they, like Churchill in 1940, must oppose the next Hitler.
We are prone to believe that our own skill or expertise in a particular field is an explanation for success, when in fact, forces outside of our control have a larger influence than we understand.
Japan is no longer such a closed society, yet even people with a short history of democracy are prone to believe that they are victims of unseen forces.
Like President Bush, she is more prone to believe ideologically driven propaganda than independent investigative reporting or scholarly research.
He so much wanted to believe this, (he was in any case prone to believe anything that was told him; he was an easy man to deceive) that I kept my own misgivings to myself.
Societies at the peak of their power are not prone to believe they will falter.
Russians are prone to believe that however peaceful and moderate their policy on Iraqi issues are going to be, they will still need to face American counteraction and hostility.