prone to error

See: fallible
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The Speaker is a human being and is prone to error.
In addition, the modules take all the hard work out of system setup by performing many of the tasks that are traditionally time consuming and prone to error.
SamMobile pointed out that the sensor is prone to error,
He argues that intergovernmental bodies are as prone to error as any others, so need to be checked.
As the volume of card activity across ATMs and Point of Sale devices increases, timely and accurate validation of transactions can become more costly, increase risk and be prone to error.
The source said during last few years attempts have been made in the past to have reasonable estimates of quantum of tax evasion but such estimates were prone to error because of non availability of veritable information.
IN RESPONSE to your article (Oct 20), this Government inherited a system of disability support which is a confused patchwork of elements, premiums and add-ons which is highly prone to error and baffling for disabled people themselves and those administrating it.
Mettler-Toledo has made the collection process simpler, safer and less prone to error by providing a USB socket built into the product inspection system, also avoiding paper-based audit trails.
It lets medics do an exact and rapid calculation to see the precise amount of fluid a burns victim needs - something usually worked out with a pen and paper, which is time consuming and prone to error.
E-Verify, however, is prone to error and may cause problems for people who are legal residents.
There are particular anatomical sites and structures that are prone to error.
Interpreting a type of brain scan called positron emission tomography (PET) is reliable for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease (AD), but the modality is prone to error when diagnosing another common form of degenerative dementia, according to researchers at University of Texas in Dallas.