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EPPS = Environmental Perceptions Phenomena Scale, R-PBS = Revised Paranormal Belief Scale, NAP = New Age Philosophy, TPB = Traditional Paranormal Belief, IPO-RT = Proneness to Reality Testing Deficits, HH = History of Haunting, OG = Opinion Ghosts Exist, FA = Feeling Anxiety, FF = Feeling Fear.
The other study was done by Varese, Barkus, and Bentall (2011) in healthy people with hallucination proneness.
So it is very common in psychopathology to speak of hallucination proneness (Launay & Slade, 1987) as a measure of vulnerability to psychotic disorders (Fonseca et al.
We also hypothesised that people with SPD proneness might display problems in the closely related function of approach motivation.
Prior research also indicates that the level of reactance generated by a certain message is affected by the trait of reactance proneness (Dillard & Shen, 2005) and the amount of freedom threatened (Fitzsimons & Lehmann, 2004).
Above all, he derogates his flaws as a military historian (no realistic grasp of large numbers) and his excessive proneness to detect the hand of God (or the gods) behind significant events and processes.
The author, when conducting her initial research, noticed that nurses (along with other human service professionals), scored highest among occupational groups on overall anger proneness.
Two keynote speeches and 44 papers by an international group of researchers in computer science and engineering focus on topics in mining software repositories, dynamic analysis, empirical software engineering, remodularization and reengineering, change and defect proneness, static analysis and security, traceability, program comprehension, and static analysis, as well as a Ph.
But Brooking could make himself most useful back in the north-west, where he is duty-bound to endeavour to prevent anyone with the surname Neville from procreating, thus polluting the football gene pool with terrible first touches and injury proneness.
Regarding the Italian market, operators expect an improvement in booking starting from next May, with a strong proneness to make last-minute bookings.