proneness to error

See: frailty
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With each additional component the proneness to error rises and possibly also the amount of energy.
In this view, the susceptibility or proneness to error stems from the defect of imperfection in human nature.
With the new Comshare system, we have eliminated those problems that come when you enter things manually -- the time consumption and the proneness to error," says Buckley.
Among the symptoms that could indicate too much stress are dry mount, headache, sighing, overacting/undereating, stomach cramps, chain smoking, nervous cough, lack of sexual interest, hypochondria, clammy hands, to much/not enough sleep, ulcers, indigestion, skin problems, proneness to errors, decreased productivity, nightmares, butterflies in the stomach, alcoholism/drug dependency, facial tics, confusion, and fatigue/weariness.
com and IDC found with respondents identifying proneness to errors (63%), lack of an audit trail (58%) and lack of internal controls (56%) as major risk factors in spreadsheet based manual processes, making compliance very expensive.