proneness to error

See: frailty
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Once they are gone, we somehow find it easier to accept their humanness, their imperfections and their proneness to error. The same choice can be made towards the living or can't it?
The ultimate solution to the global financial meltdown, therefore, demands the development of the virtuous agent that entails perfecting "human nature as it is" (characterized by its susceptibility or proneness to error) and pursuing "human nature as it ought to be" (characterized by its natural inclination to truth and moral goodness).
In this view, the susceptibility or proneness to error stems from the defect of imperfection in human nature.
The players selected lacked mobility, bravery, speed and offensive traits as a unit, as well as possessing an excessive amount of proneness to errors. The offensive quadrant of Lallana, Firmino, Coutinho and Sturridge appears fairly strong, but none of those are inclined to offer a threat in behind due to the detrimental absence of pace.
Among the symptoms that could indicate too much stress are dry mount, headache, sighing, overacting/undereating, stomach cramps, chain smoking, nervous cough, lack of sexual interest, hypochondria, clammy hands, to much/not enough sleep, ulcers, indigestion, skin problems, proneness to errors, decreased productivity, nightmares, butterflies in the stomach, alcoholism/drug dependency, facial tics, confusion, and fatigue/weariness.