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It is not a matter of being posh, or thinking you are posh, if you pronounce scone as in cone," says phonetics expert Professor Jane Setter of the University of Reading, co-editor of the English Pronouncing Dictionary.
But Samuel, himself, is said to have preferred Peeps and at least one branch of his family, the Encyclopedia's principal informants, continues to pronounce it that way.
When being an elementary age pupil, the author was asked by the teacher to pronounce words orally to those who raised their hands when reading silently.
New Delhi [India], Dec 21 ( ANI ): A Delhi court will later today pronounce the verdict in the much-anticipated 2G spectrum allocation scam cases.
In October last year, Trump told Nevadans how to pronounce their state's name correctly.
What about the way he regularly pronounces "England" as "we".
So what is the world's most perfect product name, which not only is easy to pronounce in many languages but also carries a positive connotation in most?
SIR - Why doesn't BBC Radio Wales employ traffic reporters who can pronounce Welsh place names?
Using the same principle, how would you pronounce "NOST LIEUT TOLON"?
As an old Weoley Castillion, I agree with his view that "Carsell" is definitely not the correct way to pronounce the name of our much-loved fortified dwelling.
A SECRET guide that has helped generations of BBC newsreaders pronounce difficult words and bizarre names is being made public for the first time.