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I clearly concur in opinion, in this particular, with a writer whom the celebrated Junius pronounces to be "deep, solid, and ingenious," that "the executive power is more easily confined when it is ONE";[2] that it is far more safe there should be a single object for the jealousy and watchfulness of the people; and, in a word, that all multiplication of the Executive is rather dangerous than friendly to liberty.
He could count five objects, and pronounce them by name and number, but he was incapable of reasoning that he would remain in Somo if Nalasu lived, depart from Somo if Nalasu died.
He heard words spoken that were meaningless to him, and other words that he had seen only in books and that no man or woman he had known was of large enough mental caliber to pronounce.
He talked only when he had to, and then his speech was like his walk to the table, filled with jerks and halts as he groped in his polyglot vocabulary for words, debating over words he knew were fit but which he feared he could not pronounce, rejecting other words he knew would not be understood or would be raw and harsh.
At the end of the winter, in the Shtcherbatskys' house, a consultation was being held, which was to pronounce on the state of Kitty's health and the measures to be taken to restore her failing strength.
I cannot describe the delight I felt when I learned the ideas appropriated to each of these sounds and was able to pronounce them.
Your majesty's justice is redoubtable; every one must yield to the sentences it pronounces.
SIR - Why doesn't BBC Radio Wales employ traffic reporters who can pronounce Welsh place names?
com), a video-recorded online Mandarin instructional program featuring television personality and University Chinese teacher Yangyang Cheng, today announced the launch of the first video-based pinyin pronunciation chart, developed in response to the rising needs of Westerners to accurately pronounce Chinese sounds.
Stevie TOMary of Clydebank - believe it or not but down here l pronounce Holyrood the correct way.
It means the other members of our desk have to put up with my mangling of the Italian team names in what I feel is a passable approximation of a Venetian lilt, to my attempts to pronounce the names of players with the Asian teams in a voic which apparently sound as though I was born and raised in Blaenau-Ffestiniog.