pronounce judgment

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The University court send for the student, listen to the evidence, and pronounce judgment. The punishment usually inflicted is imprisonment in the University prison.
They epitomize the experience of their fellow-mortal, and pronounce judgment on him in neat syntax, and feel themselves wise and virtuous--conquerors over the temptations they define in well- selected predicates.
As declared by Justice Niki Tobi (JSC), 'A court of law can only pronounce judgment in the light of evidence presented and proved before it.
Pakistan's ambassador to the USA has complained about the fitness of the FATF jury which is to pronounce judgment on Pakistan's performance on the action plan.
(iii) The concerned special court should proceed with the case entrusted to it on a day-to-day basis and pronounce judgment within a period of seven days;
Rule 63, Section 24 states: On the final question whether, the impeachment is sustained, the yeas and nays shall be taken on each article of impeachment separately; and if the impeachment shall not upon any of the articles presented, be sustained by the votes of two-thirds of the members present, a judgment of acquittal shall be entered; but if the person accused in such articles of impeachment shall be convicted upon any of said articles by the vote of two-thirds of the members present, the Senate shall proceed to pronounce judgment. The certified copy of such judgment shall be deposited in the Office of the Secretary of the Senate.
The court, having heard the defence lawyer's pleading, ordered adjournment of the case to September 26 to pronounce judgment.
We are confident that the judicature will soon pronounce judgment in India's favor and will direct Islamabad's authorities to send back Jadhav to his home," he said.
The elections will also be important since the citizenry will have the opportunity to pronounce judgment on the structure of institutions in the country and their relations with one another.
A sister and some cousins were able to observe Mom in the act of preparing morcon, but even if it is ever replicated, the matriarch-cook who ruled over the kitchen and the rest of our house isn't there to pronounce judgment on another's take on her dish.
The Bench agreed that "disputes between the constitutional structures needs to be decided expeditiously but the problem was the High Court had reserved the judgment and we should wait for that." SC's final order came after Attorney- General Mukul Rohatgi submitted the High Court was only complying with a Supreme Court order of April 12, 2016, asking it to pronounce judgment in the ongoing power tussle between the Delhi government and the Centre by end of July.
ME[pounds sterling]NyH (CyHAN)- A district court in Munich is about to pronounce judgment here later on Tuesday, as Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone offered 100 million dollar to end his bribery trial in Germany.