pronounce sentence

References in classic literature ?
I am the mother of the Sun, and I command you to ride away from here at once, and I pronounce sentence of death upon you, for you proudly let yourself be called the Sun-Hero without having done anything to deserve the name.
The main point is that they should have good intentions and be desirous of doing right in all things, for they will never be at a loss for persons to advise and direct them in what they have to do, like those knight-governors who, being no lawyers, pronounce sentences with the aid of an assessor.
The judges and sheriffs who pronounce sentence aren't to blame - their hands are tied by maximum terms they can hand out.
He adopted a deep posh sounding voice: "I pronounce sentence upon you, mealy mouthy Adventure Man.
George Osborne, the Chancellor, insisted he couldn't just get up in the Commons and pronounce sentence.
It is also empowered to put on trial, and pronounce sentence on, bishops and even the Prelate.
Many people like the idea of raising their own meat, but when it comes to D-Day(D=death, of course), they can't bring themselves to pronounce sentence.
In our courts, the task of the judge is to keep the two sides in a case within the bounds of the law, to summarise the case for the jury, and to pronounce sentence as prescribed by law.
The judge gave attorneys until September 15 to submit their sentencing suggestions in writing and said he would pronounce sentence on October 1.
Visitors face a sombre judge as he dons the dreaded black cap to pronounce sentence before boarding a barge to travel a specially constructed new subterranean waterway.
The parties will return to court July 2 when the judge is expected to pronounce sentence on the OPP veteran.
The court did not pronounce sentence against one other convict who is absconding.