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1 years), pronounceable (froomgaubrea--time to hack = 15,130 years), and word-based passwords (Yeager9Elgar--time to hack = 77.
In 2007, it was number two in volume and value, outdone only by Australia, whose success is built around varietally labelled, fruity wines with pronounceable names--attributes beloved by consumers, but rare in France.
Launched in April 2009, The Five line features all easily pronounceable ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, eggs and one key flavor ingredient to anchor the single-note flavors.
The letters, "Q-W-E-R-T-Y", constitute a shift back to the very beginning of the first line and the first consecutive letters of the keyboard, a pronounceable sequence, although arbitrary in terms of meaning.
Yuan did not disclose the company members, saying that none of the names would be familiar - let alone pronounceable - to most Americans.
The 'flocky-nocky' word was barely pronounceable, and almost as artificial as supercalifrag etc - simply a string of four near-synonymous Latin ways of dismissing something as rubbish.
Second, the TOWRE Phonemic Decoding Efficiency subtest measures the number of pronounceable nonwords that are accurately decoded within 45 seconds.
My husband is German and I am Spanish but we plan on living in Dubai for a while which means the name we pick has to be a meeting point of both our home countries as well as something that is easily pronounceable.
1966) asked participants to spell and read pronounceable and unpronounceable words.
As a consequence, the sign would hardly be pronounceable.
THE name Solanum pseudocapsicum is not one that trips off the tongue easily but Winter Cherry might just be a little more pronounceable if you have not been sipping too much sherry whilst stuffing the Turkey
But if there were such a company--and, mind you, there isn't--it might look a lot like the largest government contractor you've never heard of: a company known simply by the nondescript initials SAIC (for Science Applications International Corporation), initials that are always spoken letter by letter rather than formed into a pronounceable acronym.