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Thus, while the longer form of God's personal Hebrew name is clearly shown by the number of its occurrences to be the preferable one, the shorter form is knowable and known, pronounceable with absolute certainty, permissible, popular, and kosher.
4) I prefer to render Dzongkaba's name, like that of other Tibetans, in a pronounceable form rather than in transliteration, primarily because I don't think that it will facilitate scholarly exchange to subject non-Tibetanists to consonant-cluster nightmares such as 'Jams dbyang bzhad pa (Jamyang Shayba).
The word of God," Bernard wrote, "is not a sounding but a piercing word, not pronounceable by the tongue but efficacious in the mind, not only sensible to the ear but fascinating to the affection.
The app will generate unlimited random alphabetic, alphanumeric, pronounceable, or word-based passwords.
The second nonword context involved the use of pronounceable nonwords (e.
The supplement, a herbal remedy named Kaloba, was actually based on an African geranium with a less pronounceable name, and specifically an extract from the plant put through stringent pharmaceutical processes.
We prefer BAR over BAPCPA because it is pronounceable and because abuse prevention came first (White 2006).
Something we observe in our everyday classes is that students add an e before the pre-initial consonant so as to constitute a different syllable where the epenthetic e is the nucleus and then make the word pronounceable according to their L1 pronunciation rules.
The name must be pronounceable even for those whose native language is not that of the country that produces the product.
With each utterance of the word "lycanthrope," it becomes increasingly evident that Bailey Downs is a world in which the scientific "lycanthrope" is pronounceable, yet the erotic "lesbian" is not.
The technical name for Maynard's birth defect is quadramembral phocomelia, but a more common and easily pronounceable term is "congenital amputation.
Don't mention: People who think he should change his name to something more pronounceable - he likes it as it is.