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There is no legislation in New Brunswick governing the pronouncement of death and because there is no legal requirement, an agency policy can support the pronouncement of death by RNs.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- The four men convicted for December 16 gangrape and murder of a 23-year-old paramedic are being taken from Tihar prisons to the fast track court in Saket area of national capital ahead of the pronouncement of the quantum of punishment.
For someone in his position to suggest that the statistics that are the basis for this sort of pronouncement could somehow be magically changed by someone coming up to Liverpool to have a look around is silly.
109, the primary source of the accounting rules related to recording income taxes, went from a little understood--and often overlooked--accounting pronouncement, to a "shadowy world.
Did this student need to make this type of pronouncement in his college application essay?
Specifically, I had in mind Announcement 2005-80, the recent "take-it-or-leave" pronouncement setting forth settlement terms on an array of "tax shelter" transactions identified by the IRS to be abusive.
It applies to all voluntary changes in accounting principle and to changes required by an accounting pronouncement if the pronouncement does not include specific transition provisions, and it changes the requirements for accounting for and reporting them.
With the election of Pope Benedict XVI and his pronouncement of reaching out for unification, it was our hope that he would try to reunite our church first in the spirit of Cardinal Bernardin's call for dialogue.
This is true, first of all, because conscience illumines the practical judgment about a decision to make, while here we are concerned with the truth of a doctrinal pronouncement.
I had thought that "fatwa" was a pronouncement of heavy import--like "eliminate the heathen from our midst"--laid on the faithful by some ayatollah.
The "covenant lawsuit" setting is similar in format to Micah's opening pronouncement (1:2-7) except that here the trial takes a different turn.
Some of it is an attempt at reading townscape in the fashion of Gordon Cullen; some of it is whimsy with a bio-hippie flavour (about 'limbic domains', 'epigenetic manuals' and suchlike); some of it is recollections from trips abroad; and some of it is just curiously glib comments, such as that 'the Victorian window is visually weak': what sort of pronouncement is that?