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This most memorable passage (Micah 6:1-8) constitutes the first of four final pronouncements with which the prophet's work is closed.
So far, this keen runner from Illinois has made few public pronouncements, preferring to focus on stemming an exodus of senior bankers in the wake of Mack's departure and streamlining the firm's internal structure.
In May 2004, the IRS issued two pronouncements on applying the Sec.
It has to square with his pronouncements on "family values," or he will be judged morally inconsistent, and this inconsistency is an issue that of voters.
At the turn of each new calendar year we are bombarded with media pronouncements on the supposed significance of the old one.
government's policy regarding an attack on Iraq, Negroponte was simply echoing what President Bush has repeatedly stated in his public pronouncements.
We see the announcement of betrayal in all its phases and also the Institution of the Eucharist, including Christ's pronouncements and the appropriate responses.
Bishop Kunonga's pronouncements from the pulpit and elsewhere have divided Anglicans, many of whom see him as condoning violence committed by Zanu-PF supporters.
CPSC's leaders should seek to avoid unilateral public pronouncements by either the Chairman or by a single Commissioner designed to force a manufacturer to make changes in a product without the benefit of official CPSC action.
A moving vignette towards the end of the book, however, suggests a missing piece to the portrait which might have contributed significantly to the argument Grayzel constructs by giving more insight into how common women reacted to these public pronouncements of their value and place in society.
Don't make unpleasant pronouncements against a certain group of people--after all, we are all sinners.
Bush's proclamation of June 10 as "Jesus Day," the American Jewish Congress today called on Bush to refrain from issuing "such sectarian pronouncements in the future.