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It has been often enough remarked that women have a curious power of divining the characters of men, which would seem to be innate and instinctive; seeing that it is arrived at through no patient process of reasoning, that it can give no satisfactory or sufficient account of itself, and that it pronounces in the most confident manner even against accumulated observation on the part of the other sex.
At eleven o'clock the Court pronounces in summary form the death sentence.
Doctor examines the dank carcase, and pronounces, not hopefully, that it is worth while trying to reanimate the same.
And wit you also that to know it skills not of itself, but ye must likewise pronounce it?
The audience were too much interested in the question not to pronounce the Prince's assumed right altogether indubitable.
What name did you pronounce then, Madame de Morcerf?
The Misses Burton have just seen them, and THEY pronounce them the most beautiful articles of the sort they have ever seen; and I believe they have been over half the world.
He was competent to pronounce the funereal oration of a ship, this son of ancient sea-folk, whose national existence, so little stained by the excesses of manly virtues, had demanded nothing but the merest foothold from the earth.
He didn't pronounce this quite so well as the Chancellor.
I hesitated for an instant, thinking that it might be difficult for him to pronounce my real name, and then with the most praiseworthy intentions intimated that I was known as 'Tom'.
She is extremely young, to be sure, has had a wretched education, and a dreadful example of levity in her mother; but yet I can pronounce her disposition to be excellent, and her natural abilities very good.
Therefore we steered for the nearest island of the group--Fayal (the people there pronounce it Fy-all, and put the accent on the first syllable).