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Przypyszny and Michael Hrynyszyn, but never gave us a clue how to pronounce their names.
Turner insisted on signing his name Phtholognyrrh, while continuing to pronounce it Turner.
But Samuel, himself, is said to have preferred Peeps and at least one branch of his family, the Encyclopedia's principal informants, continues to pronounce it that way.
Then there's the Scandinavian tendency to pronounce J as Y, and the story of the banker who was quite impressed with his new teller, who seemed to know exactly what he was doing as he counted a large number of bills from his teller cage.
New York's Brooklyners are supposed to pronounce anything spelled oy as if it were er and anything spelled er as if it were vy.
In the 20th state Senate District where seven votes are all that's separating a new senator from an also-ran, it may ultimately take a judge to finally pronounce, sometime late this summer, ``It's over
Names: A TTS engine's ability to properly pronounce individual
If the TTS product does not pronounce words accurately, the resulting application is unlikely to achieve its desired results," said Walt Tetschner, president of Voice Information Associates and primary author of the report.
To be fair the Sky rugby commentators and analysts are not at all bad, but one thing that really annoys me is that the commentators, who one assumes are paid a handsome wage, can't be bothered to learn how to pronounce some of the Welsh names correctly.
But countryman Lionel Roux, who lost in the first round, pronounces his last name roo.
However, Welsh people refer to it, spell it, and phonetically pronounce it as Biwmaris, which is correct, such as, for example, in Beaulieu in Hampshire, pronounced Biwley, not Bow-ley.