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Na esteira de lamentaveis pronunciamentos misoginos como esse, a velha, obscena e pornografica imagem da mulher sequiosa de prazer instrui a etnografia de um dos primeiros documentos sobre o descobrimento da America.
The institution of the popular press--with its superior machines, cheaper paper, and broader bourgeois readership--enables the increased production and diffusion of pronunciamentos of an anti-bourgeois character.
rather than at it with vague pronunciamentos and rarefied cultural criticism that fails to take into account where people (dare I say the masses?
The poem's protagonist--"The cautious Gunslinger / of impeccable personal smoothness"--is a charismatic, extralapsarian persona somewhere between Clint Eastwood's High Plain's Drifter and Lenny Bruce, marked by a versatile intelligence and a tendency to communicate in aculeated pronunciamentos.
While the film includes some interesting information from the artists, it also contains some rather banal pronunciamentos and self-justifications.
The reserved power of the States to invalidate these pronunciamentos within their borders is a shining example of dual sovereignty in action.
So, instead, they pursue neo-Dadaist pronunciamentos with the knowledge that inclusion in an exhibition at MOMA looks good on a resume In the meantime, McShine bites the hand that feeds him in the service of intellectual fashion.
Historical wisdom was then shaped by Charles Beard and the other great Progressive historians, who treated the Federalists' revolutionary pronunciamentos as mere propaganda disguising their deeply reactionary aims.
They are like the pronunciamentos of the governments of the banana republics of Latin America.
Pronunciamentos based on unstructured, undisciplined and unresearched observations about the past may satisfy the literary critic's criteria for historical discourse but they have little to do with the serious study of history.
Number one, as I said early on in my tenure here, I do not make market-moving pronunciamentos from the podium, whether they be about the value of the dollar, or the proper levels of prime interest rates, or so on.
Caracteristicas qualitativas da informacao contabil, ja contempladas na Teoria da Contabilidade, constam em documentos produzidos por diversos orgaos reguladores internacionais da contabilidade financeira, como o International Accounting Principles Board (IASB, 1989), o Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB, 1980), o Australian Accounting Research Foundation (AARF, 2001) e, no Brasil, o Comite de Pronunciamentos Contabeis (CPC, 2008).