proof of facts

See: evidence
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Without this proof of facts, the Comelec can expediently rule that Poe failed to prove that she has 10-year residence preceding Election Day 2016, just like what the Comelec did in the case of the elected mayor of Uyugan, Batanes, in 2013.
For a complete definition of reasonableness as it applies to noncompete agreements, see Unreasonableness of Covenant Not To Compete, 20 AmJur Proof of Facts 3d 705, [section] 3:
Fraudulent inducement is an independent tort in that it requires proof of facts separate and distinct from the breach of contract.
It also carries full text of all related articles from "Am Jur Proof of Facts," "Am Jur Trials" and "ALR Annotations.
Submitted to the proof of facts," as found in the archives, such "a priori" images lose their power as predictors of female behavior.
12) For quite some time - at least for 100 years and, if Professor Barbara Shapiro(13) is right, for at least 200 years - the governing assumption of this body of law has been that all or practically all facts are uncertain and that proof of facts is always or almost always a matter of probabilities.
Hypertext links connect the disc infobases and allow users to jump between the text and cited full-text articles contained on the disc from sources like Am Jur Proof of Facts, Am Jur Trials, Am Jur Pleading & Practice Forms, and ALR Annotations.
Links allow users to jump between the text and cited full-text articles contained on the disc from sources like "Am Jur Proof of Facts," "Am Jar Trials" and "Am Jur Pleadings & Practice Forms.
The initial conviction for traffic offenses required proof of facts (intoxication and crossing the median) not required for vehicular homicide, and the homicide charge required proof of a fact (death of the victim) not required for the traffic offenses.
All relevant family law sections from Texas Jurisprudence 3d and Am Jur Proof of Facts are included, as is a set of No Problem Fast Forms, which guides the user through detailed custom drafting options for divorce forms for discovery, motion practice, trial, and postjudgment enforcement.
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