proof of identity

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"This may involve the voter presenting themselves to a counting officer with some form of proof of identity.
I recently went round to the People's Centre in Wallsend to renew my bus pass, only to be told that I could only go to the Central Station or North Shields with proof of identity. I went down to North Shields and when I got there they said, `Have you got proof of identity?' and I said, `I have got my passport' and they said it was no good because it needs to be a bill.
Production of photographic proof of identity will be required at the theory and practical driving tests.
The first of its kind in Australia, the trial will allow participants to use their digital driver licence for proof of identity and age to gain entry into pubs and clubs as well for roadside police checks.
"Excessive" demands for proof of identity were to blame, Sinn Fein added.
The court heard how the heating engineer used a stolen passport as proof of identity with cheques to withdraw sums of pounds 2,900 and pounds 4,100 from the HSBC in Solihull.
The new service has been set up on a six-week trial, and provides a quicker way of checking proof of identity, income and savings.
In response to passenger demand, Railway has announced it will accept e-Aadhaar as a prescribed proof of identity to travel in any reserved class.
Mesmerised by top officers' political propaganda, the government proposes to add to their powers, letting them stop perfectly innocent people to demand proof of identity.
He said: "Owners need to bring their sat-nav systems with proof of identity and proof of purchase.
To get a card, young people will need to take proof of identity and age, such as a birth certificate, to the Arriva and Stagecoach Travel Centre on Stockton High Street.
When they asked the man to produce other proof of identity, he left.