proof of payment

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The Minister, in particular, asked the FBR to obtain from importers, the proof of payment and origin of payment for non LC (Letter of Credit) imports at the time of custom clearance.
and bank statement towards proof of payment Earnest Money ,
I was fortunate to have my tickets but how about all the other poor parkers that hadn't retained them and received the same threatening letter with no proof of payment.
First, we'll have to show proof of citizenship and before long proof of payment too.
The new dual-language kiosks provide easy-to-read instructions in both English and Spanish, and issue a receipt which customers can display on their dashboard and keep as proof of payment.
E-mail proof of payment for the NCQLP exam to pmcgillicuddy@ies.
The Commission has asked the Delhi Government's Chief Secretary to submit the proof of payment along with the action taken report on the departmental proceedings initiated against the delinquent police officials within six weeks.
TV licensing bosses will save PS5million a year by ditching the paper proof of payment.
Without proof of payment at Pag-Ibig, a Filipino will not be issued an exit clearance and won't be allowed to fly back to the UAE from Manila.
I must admit I don't normally keep my parking tickets but in this case I was lucky enough to find it and have proof of payment and parking duration.
It also asked the chief secretary to file a compliance report along with proof of payment.
This receipt will be your proof of payment of the manufacturing fee, and without it the tag office will ask you to pay this fee again.