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It is a different matter whether contemporary natural theology can function as an effective propaedeutic to faith; its effectiveness is doubtful even if an inside approach like Aquinas's is adopted.
Zombie Trouble: A Propaedeutic on Ideological Subjectivication and the Unconscious.
For Weber, the distinction between determinant and reflective judgment is nevertheless pivotal to a Critique that would theorize the conditions and limits of aesthetic evaluation as the quintessential experience of the judging subject--"as nothing less than 'the propaedeutic of all philosophy,'" as Kant writes (141).
In fact, this book could be a propaedeutic for the making of future abstract artworks.
What's more, it's a book-length advertisement for the chops to be gained from steady review work, which was clearly propaedeutic for Ratliff's confident and lively voice (who but a serenely assured writer would title a chapter covering Coltrane's nonproductive years "Not Much Happens"?
2005) Behavioral health: The propaedeutic requirement.
The second part of this paper argues this case: that a pragmatics of prosody is propaedeutic for poetic appreciation; and that this is not a new spin on an old theme, but an old skill for a new generation of critics who have been beguiled by interests that have exiled the literariness of their subject.
Everything before Natural Right and History is either surpassed by or is propaedeutic to it.
Rebutting at length the oft-repeated claim that Epicurus repudiated all the liberal arts, Gassendi claims that Epicurus sought rather to orient those arts toward their proper propaedeutic role in aiding us in living better--a theme central to much early modern consideration of the sciences.
In the appendices to Autobiography of Red, Carson dramatizes the breakdown of ironclad logics in the direction of desire, as a propaedeutic to her "Romance" story of Geryon's own overwhelming desire.
Among the topics are friendship and its limits in Leon Battista Alberti's Della Famiglia, the very idea of pop aesthetics, the tragic rhythm of the Scandinavian ballad, Orosius and the spectacle of Roman religious defeat, Joycean permutations of a Roman pope Peter, and a propaedeutic from the Bacchae of Euripides for interpreting Luke's Stephen-section in Acts 6:1-8:4.
As with Amsterdam and Bruner's (47) admirable attempt to generate a reflexive analysis of legal discourse, skillful deconstruction of the meaning and latent product of the creation of innocence commissions requires legal scholars to inject a pedagogical propaedeutic, thereby avoiding reproduction of political and ideological biases inherent in the constitution of master narratives.