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As a propaedeutic path to faith, fundamental theology is continuous with natural theology, which attempts to provide knowledge of God's existence and nature without relying on the authority of the Church or Christian revelation.
19) While, as Bede's own exegetical practice shows, the propaedeutic role of the law and the prophets is ignored at great peril to a rich and coherent understanding of the gospel kingdom, reading the Hebrew Scriptures as end in themselves without reference to their fulfillment in Christ is similarly crippling.
7) The term "real reality" is here used only as a propaedeutic (or shorthand trope to facilitate understanding) to highlight the difference between the actual and the virtual.
What emerges is a suggestive reading of difficult, highly troped poems whose novel intellectual quality is intentionally propaedeutic for the reader.
But, at the same time, mathematics was just a necessary propaedeutic and protreptic to the most advanced form of investigation, analysis and synthesis, the pursuit of what Plato calls dialektike (dialectic).
As a propaedeutic we can turn to the project that the British artist Rod Dickinson presented in February of 2002: a meticulously staged replica of one of the most notorious behavioral experiments of the 1960s, Stanley Milgram's study of "obedience to authority.
Although he finds this a useful propaedeutic for his new students, Hamilton does not regard it as a complete and balanced characterization of Science.
8) Department of Dentistry Propaedeutic, Medical University of Bialystok, Poland
In this sense, the art of persuasion defines itself as propaedeutic, a tool for the carrier of the "forze persuasive," "migliorando, stilizzando rendendo piu economico e cosciente l'uso di esse" (111).
The self-regulated learning construct facilitates the analysis of the various skills involved in successful learning--skills which Boekaerts (1999) says should be viewed as propaedeutic to learning (p.
The IFAS model in Figure 1, which is albeit propaedeutic, captures the important relationships between language skills, socialization, and time, and also represents a longitudinal view of how immigrant students navigate Canadian schools.
Greenwood has made significant contributions to this renaissance in an earlier article, "We speak Latin in Trinidad: Uses of Classics in Caribbean Literature," which was manifestly propaedeutic to the book under review.