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Of course, there are many famous posters, but perhaps the most famous bit of propaganda produced in the context of a U.S.
Durante su carrera academica se ha especializado en el campo de la comunicacion publica y la propaganda, investigando en torno a la relacion de esta ultima con el mito y la cultura popular.
Throughout the 12-year reign of Nazi terror, Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, understood the employment of propaganda in manipulating the masses well.
Propaganda 2001-2017" sees the 21st century as the beginning of a new era of political propaganda.
'I have informed him of the propaganda by Indian media.'
Propaganda has always played a key role in shaping attitudes during periods of conflict and the academic study of propaganda, commencing in earnest in 1915, has never really left us.
Reportedly, one more child in Bannu faces lifelong disability due to propaganda against the vaccination.
"There is a world of a difference between the fight against corruption and propaganda on corruption.
According to official correspondence signed by PM's Focal Person on Polio eradication, expressed appreciation for Facebook's policies and regulations dealing with hateful content and propaganda.
Kayong mga nagba-black propaganda pati 'yung anak ko si Veronica 14 years old drug addict?
221-QD / TW on the aspects of leadership, direction and implementation; results of coordination between the Ministry of Construction and the Central Propaganda Department and proposed key directions and tasks in the coming time.
At a press conference given by the Ministry of National Defense (MND) on Sunday (April 14), Taiwan's PSYOPS Center Director Wang I-hung introduced new snack food packaging called "surrender foods" to be used for propaganda purposes as part of its "psychological warfare foods" campaign.