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Ignorance, hate, hostility and other consequences of propaganda are imminent threats to journalism and free media and we need to put more resources in fighting these threats, Mijatovi?
Media is requested to refrain from glorifying terrorists acts by publishing such propaganda news, he added.
Var of woman terrorists while making propaganda speech
Of course, propaganda would not be complete without the children.
In early Western propaganda studies, propaganda techniques were an important topic (e.
Set in 1930s Berlin, Propaganda Swing tells the story of the jazz musicians who did a deal with the Nazis in order to keep playing the music they loved.
Propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations at peaceful assemblies will be fined with 1,000-1,600 som.
As a part of the rigorous judging criteria, Propaganda entered a detailed submission about the steps taken to achieve FMG's objectives.
Media war and Propaganda is not good to be use in the South Sudan because we are one people with one objective that is peace and prosperity , propaganda is not good to be use at this particular period of time where people minds focuses still remembering the pasts like tribalism, corruption.
For a most possible precise definition of propaganda, so as not to let it lose its analytical strength, we locate it in the field of political discourse and political communication and distinct it from persuasion.
Propaganda Cyprus frequently features guest DJs from known venues from abroad, such as the Buddha Bar Dubai, Soho Rooms Moscow, Cavo Paradiso of Mykonos and others.
Legislators have a duty to "take measure to protect children from information, propaganda and campaigns that can harm their health and moral and spiritual development," it said.