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Band Wagon has as its theme, "Everybody - at least all of us - is doing it"; with it, the propagandist attempts to convince us that all members of a group to which we belong are accepting his program and that we must therefore follow our crowd and "jump on the band wagon.
Columnists in the various sections of the PDI have been similarly reminded to avoid serving as or even sounding like propagandists, such that their columns have been edited or simply not published by their editors.
Last year, the military killed high-profile al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki and al Qaeda propagandist, Samir Khan, both of whom were American citizens.
The victim was reported to be a supporter of a certain politician in Digos City and had served as a propagandist for former Davao del Sur Representative Claude Bautista when the latter ran for the post of governor.
Eddlem when he attributes to Joe McCarthy "personal attacks" in rebutting CBS propagandist Edward R.
Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi, of Sudan, was a paymaster for al Qaida, and Ali Hamza Ahmed Sulayman al Bahlul, of Yemen, was a propagandist for bin Laden.
Separate briefs were also filed by WallBuilders, "Christian nation" propagandist David Barton's group in Texas, and by the Thomas More Center, an Ann Arbor, Mich.
In his efficient, sometimes spiky account of the run-up to the General Election, Campaign 1997, Nicholas Jones reveals the propagandist lurking behind the spin doctor's smile.
Vigorous Puritan pamphleteer and propagandist for a purer life and straiter devotion.
Alam mo, naalala ko yung propagandist ni Hitler noong second world war na si Goebbels, ang sabi niya, minsan ka lang magsabi ng kasinungalingan, kasinungalingan pa rin iyan, ngunit kung uulitin mo nang 1,000 times ang isang kasinungalingan, baka maniwala na ang taumbayan,' the senator said in an interview with DZBB on Sunday.
No wonder, since he first backed a campaign against the notorious Glazer takeover and then turned up as a inadvertent propagandist for the new US owners.
According to the Russian historian Mikhail Lepekhine, the Protocols were concocted by a Russian propagandist named Mathieu Golovinski as part of a monarchist scheme to persuade Czar Nicholas II that the capitalist modernization of Russia was really a Jewish plot to control the world.