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Band Wagon has as its theme, "Everybody - at least all of us - is doing it"; with it, the propagandist attempts to convince us that all members of a group to which we belong are accepting his program and that we must therefore follow our crowd and "jump on the band wagon.
Edington delivers an account of the signal political and religious difficulties during the short reign of James IV and the long reign in minority of James V, a monarch under the careful eye of a master of encomium, satire, and apocalypse, who, up to a rupture with Henry VIII's sister, Margaret Tudor, was usher and tutor of James V, and who eventually gained a post as both as quasi-laureate and leading heraldic expert and propagandist of the Stuart monarchy.
In his efficient, sometimes spiky account of the run-up to the General Election, Campaign 1997, Nicholas Jones reveals the propagandist lurking behind the spin doctor's smile.
No wonder, since he first backed a campaign against the notorious Glazer takeover and then turned up as a inadvertent propagandist for the new US owners.
Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi, of Sudan, was a paymaster for al Qaida, and Ali Hamza Ahmed Sulayman al Bahlul, of Yemen, was a propagandist for bin Laden.
Please Andy, give it a rest and be a correspondent not a propagandist.
Another recent Kennedy mailing included a lengthy article by "Christian nation" propagandist David Barton.
Pentagon officials claim al Bahlul was "a key al-Qaeda propagandist who produced videos"and tried to set up a satellite link for bin Laden to watch live coverage of the September 11 attacks.
THERE is no doubt Tony Blair has considerable talent as a propagandist,and also little doubt this talent has been misused in conspiring with George Bush to deceive the country by disseminating blatant untruths and entirely unsubstantiated accusations about Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction.
However, Neil Crumpton (Friends of the Earth Cymru) ends his letter (December 15) with the propagandist message that there is a choice between nuclear energy and, by implication, wind power.
According to the Russian historian Mikhail Lepekhine, the Protocols were concocted by a Russian propagandist named Mathieu Golovinski as part of a monarchist scheme to persuade Czar Nicholas II that the capitalist modernization of Russia was really a Jewish plot to control the world.
Even David Barton, a leading "Christian nation" propagandist, now admits the quote is false and has stopped using it in his materials.