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Moreover, the author insists that the war poets reformulated the Georgian tradition in such a way that they were able to overcome its crises, especially the propagandistic imperatives imposed on them, without betraying their own voices.
I believe what he said was more meant to have a propagandistic effect and I doubt this procedure will be reopened.
Propagandistic methods which have been implemented throughout the centuries are characterized by a Manichean rationale for viewing the world.
Where earlier propaganda films had mobilized an invidious juxtaposition of Aryan and demasked Jew, the Warsaw Ghetto footage, while drawing on the same propagandistic trope, revolves around divisions amongst the Jewish people (Fig.
Nostra aetate is being dishonestly represented generally, to the detriment of the Catholic Church and in submission to Jewish propagandistic efforts of great intensity.
London, June 1 ( ANI ): Researchers at Georgia Tech School of Computer Science have identified four behaviours that characterize propagandistic activities of Twitter users.
The subject of Russia brings us to Russia Today, the propagandistic, Kremlin-funded network, as Michael Moynihan reported, on which Assange's talk show appears.
The victims are a generation of Egyptians subjected to systematic, propagandistic brainwashing.
As to whether the Channel4 video was propagandistic remained unaddressed.
If you read the report, we did find that Iran did engage in propagandistic activities in support of the Shiite movement against the government.
The author concludes that it had a strong propagandistic value, as it "constituted a sort of summary of the king's political platform" (p.
The repudiation of Qaddafi's comments was a rare sign of discord within Colonel Qaddafi's government, and it raised questions about whether the six-month rebellion had taken a psychological toll on Qaddafi or whether he had envisioned some propagandistic purpose in announcing the tactic.