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Among the variety of propagandistic methods, we underline some basic characteristics:
Most persistently, Hersonski's presentation of the footage as resistant to its wholesale appropriation for propagandistic rhetoric draws on the gaze that subjects direct at the camera and those who operate it.
Instead, Red Star Over Russia delivers colorful, propagandistic eye candy mixed with less interesting documentary photography.
It is the role of propagandistic art to awaken in the public the ebullience that would make it welcome the policies of a totalitarian regime.
This propagandistic nonsense has been disproved most recently when Hezbollah humiliated their forces out of the South of Lebanon (with no air force and a fraction of the modern technology Israel enjoys).
Jean-Francois Gilmont, considering both France and Italy, adds to this list placards, songs, Lenten sermons, and theater to the array of propagandistic media.
There exist reviewing and indexing publications and institutes made just for a propagandistic way, and not reviewing all relevant literature on the topics, but reviewing their people and their ideas while ignoring, boycotting, denigrating, or discrediting other people and ideas.
Brian Bunk also deals with the use of gender in the propagandistic discourse in the aftermath of the revolt.
Many chapters--like the one on propagandistic uses of Elizabeth's iconography in the Low Countries during the 1580s--draw attention to previously overlooked evidence.
He delves into cognitive theory to explain "serial obsession" with largely trivial matters like "the runaway bride" while savvy consultants to politicians hone messages that prey on fear and are often more propagandistic than truthful.
In recent days the Kremlin's tone has become so blatantly propagandistic that some observers believe it is driven entirely by domestic politics.
I'm bothered by a "World Wresting Experience" belligerence that has been infecting The Gay & Lesbian Review lately, possibly in desperation or reaction to perceived increased homophobia as reported by increased propagandistic media stirring Americans up for the next elections.