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33) Fourth, the enemy had been both propagandistically and practically more "clearly" Russian in Rautu, irrespective of the fact that many Finnish Reds also wore Russian uniforms.
It does, however, suggest that, paradoxically, hero and villain alike are appropriated propagandistically in ways that they too become iconic of other larger inevitable forces--of national bravery or an axis of evil rather than surviving in memory as individuals.
It was Asia, of course, and its challenges, that provided the other bookend for the century--the raft of measures that have been labelled the 'Australian Settlement' (erroneously and propagandistically, as a number of commentators have pointed out).
It includes the privately owned mass media, which have been virulently and propagandistically hostile to the government, devoting days at a time to commercial-free attacks on it as "totalitarian" and "Castro communist.
The latest and propagandistically most powerful product of the Guevara cult is a film of Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries by the Brazilian director Walter Salles.