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Apparently, they thought it was more important to propagandize to the press than to negotiate at the bargaining table,'' said Goldy Norton, spokesman for the drivers' United Transportation Union.
It's not those pointy-headed bureaucrats in insurance offices who are making us fill out these forms and telling us what to do, and we're got to pay for their lunches and their advertising while they propagandize us.
trial used to propagandize to the world, a trial in which American lives
But they are not known to extensively propagandize and never had a clear vision about their beliefs and goals, authorities said.
Not only would he expose the abuse, he would hound the tribunal until it investigated, instruct witnesses on their testimony, propagandize the galleries, help draft the remedial legislation, and write a popular history of the affair.
Students are instructed in techniques to propagandize their fellow students with the information they receive in these classes.
Gates used his websites and programs to propagandize against me.
The government's proper role is to protect our constitutional rights, not to propagandize and undermine basic freedoms, and certainly not at taxpayer expense.
Even after the war had started in Europe, there was a very large section of the American public opposed to it, and a lot of work had to be done by the Roosevelt administration to propagandize America into accepting the idea of joining the fight.
He was a devoted Marxist and a committed globalist who used his fiction to propagandize on behalf of an ideal world state ruled by an all-powerful technocratic elite, sometimes referred to by him as the "Samurai.
It finally came out that Eli Lilly is a big donor to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and they have millions of dollars to propagandize their views.
The proper method would be through privately funded organizations to teach, educate and propagandize their respective positions.