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Rage against a world of Fast Food that has so propagandized your palate that all that tastes good to you are sugar, salt and grease, food that is not sustenance, that dulls your senses and make your body weak and soft.
Eastern boosters propagandized on the city's behalf, and northeastern migrants and capital poured into the city.
But they can be propagandized, persuaded, coerced, threatened, and drafted into war.
While acknowledging that Hitler's preaching of heaven to the beleaguered German people ultimately meant hell for the rest of the world, Grumeza (a Romanian-born historian/independent scholar) examines how and why the world admired as well as feared Hitler as he propagandized for peace and the revival of German culture while building up his killing machine.
Still, in the wake of that initial victory, many right-wing groups organized to spread the word about how imperiled our precious traditions were and how Washington was illegitimately encroaching on local and state governments; most also propagandized in favor of free markets.
It has propagandized for so long that it believes its own spin doctors.
The president can hardly be unaware that the majority of Americans disapprove of homosexual behavior and do not wish to see it promoted or propagandized.
If they were not worried about the message beyond his egocentricity, they could have had a more balanced and less propagandized presentation.
Instead of books, they were given automatic weapons and propagandized to hate and kill.
And what a system it is: On top of tens of thousands of border guards, hundreds of thousands of prisoners, and countless international anti-drug military excursions, children are propagandized in school on the dangers-- some real, some make-believe--of drugs, prisoners are released under supervision for one to five years of regular drug testing, and insurance companies are forced to pay for extensive mental health and drug treatment services.
Their answers, in their very profusion, make for a revealing chorus: Because the ruling bourgeoisie propagandized them, goes one answer.