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During the course of the poem he finds that the man he has killed is very much like him, not the demonized enemy of propagandized media, and in essence, he has destroyed the bearer of "truths that lie too deep for taint" (36).
An intergovernmental organization called Transport 2020 had propagandized the public with a 40-page report on the wonders light rail could bring to the Madison area.
It has propagandized for so long that it believes its own spin doctors.
The notion of the kokutai (the unbreakable, mystical union of the Japanese people and imperial line originating in the Sun Goddess Herself) had deep historical roots and had been propagandized incessantly by the modern state.
The groups trace their origins back to 1925 and the Friends of Soviet Cinema, a noncommercial organization headed by Felix Dzherzhinsky (later chief of the KGB), which propagandized communist ideology and directors like Eisenstein.
If they were not worried about the message beyond his egocentricity, they could have had a more balanced and less propagandized presentation.
Eastern boosters propagandized on the city's behalf, and northeastern migrants and capital poured into the city.
But they can be propagandized, persuaded, coerced, threatened, and drafted into war.
Bolingbroke later propagandized his opposition to the government of Sir Robert Walpole in The Craftsman (1726), a periodical.
While acknowledging that Hitler's preaching of heaven to the beleaguered German people ultimately meant hell for the rest of the world, Grumeza (a Romanian-born historian/independent scholar) examines how and why the world admired as well as feared Hitler as he propagandized for peace and the revival of German culture while building up his killing machine.