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Also hit by the ruling, Yamileth Gonzalez, rector of the UCR, was accused of propagandizing against CAFTA for funding a study titled, CAFTA's Constitutional Conflicts.
In this view, "social significance" means very little if it refers to proselytizing, propagandizing, or inspiring collective action.
When we go to the mall before Christmas and buy a Barbie doll, or wear a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt, or put a political bumper sticker on our car, or any of innumerable daily actions, we have become part of the process of social propagandizing.
Compounding Medved's first deadly sin - ceaseless propagandizing in place of analysis - is his utter ineptitude as a writer.
AyE-e Deniz Karacagil, who was detained and charged with propagandizing for socialism because she was wearing a red scarf during Gezi Park protests last year in Antalya, reportedly decided to join the PKK during her imprisonment.
It's time for the Journal News and other media to stop propagandizing for war and begin actual reporting.
The court found Demir guilty of propagandizing the PKK in 84 separate
The prosecutor demanded 45 years in prison for Turk and 70 years for Tugluk for allegedly propagandizing for the terrorist organization in their speeches between the years of 2005 and 2009.
SAE-China has become an important force for spreading new ideas, exchanging new technologies and propagandizing new conception of China auto industry and also an important bridge for promoting the exchange among international auto industries.
who had proven herself as a reliable shill through her propagandizing for the first Gulf War of George Bush, Sr.
I don't care to stand on the sidelines beholding a spectacle in regimented time slots, corny framed narratives, forced good spirits, and propagandizing themes.
A big step in the propagandizing of the 'new morality' was marked by the appearance in June, 1977, of the book Human Sexuality, published under the auspices of the Catholic Theological Society of America.