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When a pure differential signal propagates on a symmetrical differential pair; like an edge-coupled microstrip or edge-coupled stripline, the mode the signal propagates in is the odd mode of the transmission line.
In comparison, the government had spent nearly 30 years and thousands of dollars experimenting with expensive tissue culture techniques and other procedures to propagate the plants, without any success.
That's what we're doing with this project, researching the best methods of growth and select the lead material so that when plantations come on-line, we have material we can propagate to establish these plantations.
The slowest waves propagate through the liquid (red circle), next is [A.
The cracks themselves also become stress risers, and as the molding operation continues, the cracks propagate farther into the mold.
I find myself engaging in conversation with strangers whose gardens I admire and often coming away with a handful of seeds to propagate myself: cleome, or cat's whiskers; rudbeckia, or black-eyed Susan; salvia, both red and blue; gallardia, the gorgeous purple daisy-like flowers; clary sage and garden sage; basil and calendula and pot marigold; all sorts of minds and lambsears and poppies and hollyhocks and lemon balm .
Propagate by separating runners in spring or summer.
When the crack began to propagate, the strain in the specimen away from the crack tip was noted and the load removed.
They propagate Iranophobia because they are fearful of being overthrown," Rapporteur of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini said in Tehran at the time.
AS A churchman, I have to agree with the proposition that early exposure to overt sexual behaviour is detrimental' but I have to take issue with the final paragraph of Beryl E Murphy's letter, "the whole of the purpose of the sexual act is merely to propagate a species".
One of the easiest plants to grow and propagate for the shade or semi-shade garden is sweet potato vine.