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Observing that Telugu literary forms like Avadhaanam and devotional music were invaluable heritage, the Vice President emphasized the need to preserve and propagate them.
He said 'may we seize this opportunity to warn the clergy or messengers of God who covertly or overtly promote ethnic rife or propagate hate sermons to bolster the activities of killers in the name of politics or religion.
The deal combines Electus' content, international sales division and library and Artists First's talent roster and hit shows with Propagate's already robust content creation capabilities and strategic relationships.
The company was founded by Propagate chairman and Co-CEO Ben Silverman with the backing of IAC in 2009.
About ApexSQL Propagate: ApexSQL Propagate is a tool that can execute multiple SQL scripts on multiple SQL databases located over multiple SQL Server instances with one-click.
It has been brought to our notice that some propaganda agencies are using the credible name of Khaleej Times to propagate fake news about an alleged meeting between Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers from CIC nanoGUNE (San Sebastian, Spain) and collaborators have reported in Science the development of a so-called hyperbolic metasurface on which light propagates with completely reshaped wafefronts.
Therefore, both the power flow and the wave front propagate in the same direction analogously to a usual isotropic medium.
However, the hole gradually disappears as the speckle propagates in free space.
peG | down runners on strawberry plants that you want to propagate.
Propagate new gooseberry bushes by taking hardwood cuttings from healthy plants before their leaves drop.