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A "circuit" model explanation of why rough copper absorbs more energy than smooth copper as a signal propagates from transmitter to receiver focuses on the "current" traveling a longer path due to the rough copper.
Because the wave beams did not initially propagate in the spanwise direction, the initial horizontal spanwise wavenumber is [l.
A current, launched into a transmission line by attaching a battery between the signal and return path, will propagate as a loop, flowing between the signal and return path, down the transmission line (FIGURE 2).
This is the day where thousands of people come here to commemorate the day of Sankranti and this is the day where all the Buddhists come together to propagate Buddhism," he added.
Answer: "Everyone" is not telling the truth, and the lies that we propagate in the industry are the source of much confusion about differential pairs and differential signals.
Propagate plants in the season opposite their bloom season.
Do you know the name of this fig and how I would propagate it?
When we propagate now, we don't necessarily produce gay offspring.
During the Cultural Revolution, he wrote, China's constitution "mentioned the freedom to propagate atheism, but said nothing about the freedom to propagate theism or religion.
Repeated attempts by environmental groups, private botanical gardens, and governmental agencies to propagate this plant failed.
You can imagine that it would be so beat up, so fractured, that the seismic waves wouldn't be able to propagate from one side to the other," says Cheng.
which specializes in the development and commercialization of autologous cellular therapies for tissue regeneration, has unveiled a design for an automated system to propagate and harvest cells more efficiently and cost- effectively than other cell harvesting systems currently available.