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To see how the waves propagate along the metasurface, the researchers used a state-of the-art infrared nanoimaging technique that was pioneered by the nanoptics group at nanoGUNE.
According to a paper published in Science, iron-rich material in part of the lower mantle, which extends from 660 to 2,900 kilometres below the Earth's surface, has unusual characteristics that make sound waves propagate through it more slowly than previous work had shown.
When a pure differential signal propagates on a symmetrical differential pair; like an edge-coupled microstrip or edge-coupled stripline, the mode the signal propagates in is the odd mode of the transmission line.
RTTPS automatically detects and quarantines suspicious or dangerous enterprise IM traffic before IM worms and viruses can propagate and infect vulnerable users and cause significant damage to corporate networks.
Fracture mechanics analysis involves complex calculations that allow us to determine when a composite structure will fail and whether a crack will propagate.
Building on Strong Market Acceptance for the MISSION(TM) Chipset, the MISSION(TM) Access Solution Will Propagate Universal Port Services at Dedicated Port Economics(TM) to Access Networks
B,' propagates via mass e-mail and also through a worm component that leverages the back doors installed by the virus' predecessor, MyDoom.
When the included attachment is executed, the worm propagates by harvesting victim email addresses from ten different file types.
Worm propagates through TCP port 135 on Windows XP and Windows 2000 machines that have not patched the Microsoft Windows DCOM RPC Interface Buffer Overrun Vulnerability.