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In the "fields" model, the signal propagates from left to right as an electromagnetic wave in the dielectric, inducing current density waves in conductors subjected to those waves (both signal and "ground," or any other adjacent conductor).
Experimental analysis has found that when an internal wave beam propagates along the vertical symmetry plane of a Lamb-Chaplygin pancake vortex dipole, critical levels occur when co-propagating with the dipole and turning points when counter-propagating.
It starts with the essential principles that 1) all interconnects are transmission lines and that signals are the voltage between the two conductors that make up the transmission line; 2) signals always propagate down the transmission line at the speed of light in the material; 3) signals see an instantaneous impedance each step of the way as they propagate down the line, and 4) the return current is just as important as the signal current.
When a pure differential signal propagates on a symmetrical differential pair; like an edge-coupled microstrip or edge-coupled stripline, the mode the signal propagates in is the odd mode of the transmission line.
Kalanchoe also propagates itself, without human assistance, in two ways: It produces adventitious roots, through ground layering, wherever its stems bend and touch the ground; if its dried-up flowers are not snipped, but left on the plant and allowed to go to seed, a crop of new kalanchoe seedlings will germinate around the existing plants after a rainy winter.
B is the most worrisome for enterprise customers, primarily due to the quickness with which it propagates.
In a transmission line, such as a stripline trace, the signal that propagates is the voltage between the signal line and an adjacent point on one of the planes.
Ketterle's team has now gone one step further, measuring how quickly a sound pulse propagates through the cloud.
Dobry propagates many of the plants grown in the Soka garden in two adjacent greenhouses.
It is no surprise that we have seen yet another variant of the Sober worm, as this worm propagates via port 25 SMTP traffic," said Scott Chasin, CTO, MX Logic Inc.
Like a crystal of lithium niobate, this new material responds to light by altering its refractive index, which affects how light propagates through the material.