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Target: Propagation Services Canada/additional 10% stake
As a matter of fact, Hajiya Lemu's acceptance of Islam and her migration to Nigeria for Islamic propagation could not have been timelier than they happened.
Characteristics of radio frequency (RF) propagation in the atmosphere are identified through the index of refraction n or, more commonly, refractivity N, defined as N = (n - 1) x [10.sup.6].
Hence, the study of wave propagation on the coast of Lhoknga needs to be focused on how the wave propagation and wave trajectory path in this area react to the aspects of coastal geography and the dynamics of hydro-oceanography [9,10].
In Section 2 we describe congestion propagation and analyze its cyclic nature and schedule variation and the relationship between delay and congestion.
Guided propagation, self-focusing, and the coupling effect are discussed in three different situations: guided light propagation (I) in a single channel, (II) in two channels by applying equal external voltages in each of the two electrode stripes, and (III) in two channels by applying the different external voltages in each of the two electrode stripes.
Although many researchers have studied largely the blast-induced crack propagation law in fissured rock mass, they mostly studied the influence of single variable on crack propagation, such as stress wave incident angles [14, 16, 17] and fillings [5].
In the past decades, a number of scholars [11-18] have studied the problem of propagation over irregular terrain by using the PE method (see [7] for a comprehensive reference list).
Then, the crack propagation path and length is analyzed by inserting different length initial cracks at different elevation.
Moreover, to obtain accurate tainting results, we improve existing taint propagation policy, mainly considering the effect of the tainted instruction operation on flag registers and associated registers, which makes taint propagation policy more accurate than previous approach.
Given the importance of social networks in our society, they have attracted much attention from researchers in recent years; for instance, many researches have analyzed information propagation in microblogs [1,2], Facebook, and Twitter[3].

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