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Seeds which take a long time to germinate, such as chillies and sweet peppers, are ideal to start off in a heated propagator.
The trial concluded: "If your windowsill is likely to get warmer than 20C during the daytime, a propagator with a thermostat, such as the Stewart, is a good investment.
BACK OF THE NET: A fruit tree in early spring, protected by a green net (see Stone Fruit Care, below) and, above, a Stewart Heat & Grow Thermostatic Propagator, pounds 30
Look for Stewart propagators in most garden centres.
First-year flowering perennials which can be sown early in heated propagators then grown on in a greenhouse or cool room include achillea, helenium, echinacea and salvia.
Those who want to sow some early veg can do so indoors, with the help of myriad products including heated propagators, selfwatering seed starting systems and light systems.
If Fleming was as successful as reputed to be with germinating seed early in the year, then I imagine he must at least have had a propagator.
Sow houseplant seeds and tuberous begonias in a heated propagator.
Seed sowing of a number of bedding plants can begin in a heated propagator at the end of the month.
Order your electric windowsill propagator at mrdigwell.
If you only want a few bedding plants you may be better off with a heated propagator on a windowsill indoors and a few cold frames.