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While doing so, I was careful to tilt the revolver up before firing each round to ensure the propellant was always in the same position closest to the primer flash hole.
Europe is a global leader in the consumption of aerosol propellants and this dominance is expected to continue till 2020.
The GPIM propulsion subsystem on the satellite will be loaded with the low-toxicity AF-M315E propellant before launch.
The propellant is a denser fuel that is easier to handle, store and transport.
When the unsealed ammunition was test fired, it was very dirty, and left large amounts of unburned propellant in the case and barrel.
5 tonnes of liquid propellant as well as four strap- on motors of the first stage, each carrying 42 tonnes of propellant.
The goal of this project was to improve the performance of a model rocket propellant through the addition of other chemicals while retaining the safety and castability of the propellant.
Propellants and explosives; thermochemical aspects of combustion, 2d ed.
The difference in lung penetration is due to the particle size each propellant delivers.
Inhalation of substantial amounts of the propellant gases may be harmful to health.
Therefore, after April 30, 2006, DEP will no longer issue new permits to purchase and/or sell propellant powders and/or small arms ammunition primers in the state.