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The first two- foot rocket propelled to a height of 1,000 metres but then exploded; and the second five- foot rocket exploded even before the take- off.
It was tough talk about the LAUSD that fueled much of Villaraigosa's electoral support, just as it had first propelled Bob Hertzberg's candidacy.
Propelled by a quicksilver lyricism, Geisterbahn earns the obvious adjective: haunting.
Intel's strong showing over the last few months has propelled them to the number two spot, with unit share of 28.
The TRAPS airbag protection system is designed to defeat Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) commonly used by insurgent operations against military convoys, convoy protectors and bases.
It would also procure 180 wheeled self- propelled howitzers from either Konstructa or Rheinmetall of Germany while 145 ultralight 155 mm/ 39 caliber artillery guns could be purchased from ST Kinetics or BAE Land Systems.
The X-43 is to be carried aloft by a modified B-52 bomber, released over a Pacific Ocean test range and then propelled to an altitude of 110,000 feet by a Pegasus space booster.
All aboard the "Maglev Express"--the world's fastest train, propelled through the air by magnets
The artist wrote, produced or co-produced all the tracks on the album which propelled the single atop the Billboard Top 100 R&B charts for 19 consecutive weeks.
As that electron wave surges forward, other electrons just ahead get propelled by repulsive electrostatic forces, effectively surfing the wave.
For extra credit, father and son constructed a miniature car out of thin cardboard and propelled it over 10 feet using two balloons.
Then, using external magnets, the researchers introduced domain walls into the thin metal strips and propelled those walls around the microscopic, rectangular loops.