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Sick they were not; but the wind propelled them hastily into rooms, violently downstairs.
He lay at his ease in a rough chariot drawn and propelled by his men, and instead of a right hand he had the iron hook with which ever and anon he encouraged them to increase their pace.
And all the while Hooja's canoe was drawing rapidly nearer, propelled by the strong arms of his twenty paddlers.
Long spears bristled from the rude battle-ships, as they slid noiselessly over the bosom of the water, propelled by giant muscles rolling beneath glistening, ebony hides.
Later she saw that it was long and low, propelled by a single sail and many oars, and that it carried quite a company.
Taking one of the paddles, Granet, kneeling down, propelled it slowly seaward.
Not daring to wade upright, on account of the noise made by floundering and by the suck of the mud, I remained lying down in the mud and propelled myself over its surface by means of my hands.
The sooner it 's over the better for me," was the only thought Polly had time for before she plunged into the room above, propelled by Maud, who cried triumphantly, "There he is
The likest to a bird the foam-necked ship, propelled by the wind, started over the deep waves of the sea, till that about one hour of the second day, the wreathed prowed ship had sailed over, so that the traveller saw the land.
The projectile ought to be propelled with an initial velocity of 12,000 yards per second.
All that stirring of old instincts which at stated periods drives men out from the sounding cities to forest and plain to kill things by chemically propelled leaden pellets, the blood lust, the joy to kill--all this was Buck's, only it was infinitely more intimate.
But the strong hand of the manager descended on her shoulder, and with a quick, powerful shove propelled her out on to the stage.