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Dr Mark Egan, a pathologist with Newcastle RVI who carried out a postmortem said the cause of death was butane toxicity - butane being a propellent found in aerosols.
Blown cases and ruptured primers in factory ammunition are just about things of the past, but should the unlikely happen, engineers at Mauser seem to have done an adequate job of handling escaping propellent gas and debris.
Thursday during a routine test of a propellent flow system for a new space tourism vehicle at a Mojave Desert airport site used by Scaled Composites LLC.
Propellent Powders: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
Tenders are invited for Ac-90 Co2 Filled Propellent Non Flammable Multi Purpose Rust Remover For Test And Easy Removed Of Rusted Nuts Bolts In 415 Gms/500 Ml, Spray Can.
The force of the propellent inside - which could have been firework material or gunpowder - blew off one end of the bomb inside the letterbox, the court heard.
Investigators are probing the possibility that a leak of torpedo propellent, hydrogen peroxide, may have caused the blast which sank the nuclear sub last August killing all 118 crew.
The ammunition was part of propellent testing that Rocketdyne conducted for the Department of Defense until 1993, firing rounds into a ravine on the property.
All other components - case, propellent and bullet - are no different from what we're all familiar with.
After the engine burnout, the X-34 would dump its excess propellent and then make an autonomous approach and landing.
This allows the propellent to escape without draining much of the contents.