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Propellent Powders: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
Tenders are invited for Ac 90 Non-Flammable Co2 Propellent Spray Can Of 500Ml Each, 360 Degree Spray Action With 97 Percent Active Material, Temp Range 150 Degree C, Di-Electric Strength - 22Kv, Freezing Point Below: 30Degreec, Solubility In Water Insoluble Make: Stanvac/Welcon/Epigen.
The force of the propellent inside - which could have been firework material or gunpowder - blew off one end of the bomb inside the letterbox, the court heard.
The ammunition was part of propellent testing that Rocketdyne conducted for the Department of Defense until 1993, firing rounds into a ravine on the property.
All other components - case, propellent and bullet - are no different from what we're all familiar with.
Tenders are invited for Rust Remover As Per Specification As Under:Non-Flamable Co2 Propellent,Multifunctional Mechanical And Electrical Fluid, Cleans And Lubricate Penetrated Rust And Enables Easy Reopening Of Rusted Assemblies, User Safe, Non-Toxic Formulation, Silicone Free In Aerosol Container Of 500 Ml-Make:Ac 90 Of Stanvac/Wuerth/Molygraph.
Continuing covert capability to manufacture fuel propellent useful only for prohibited Scud-bearing missiles.
After the engine burnout, the X-34 would dump its excess propellent and then make an autonomous approach and landing.
This allows the propellent to escape without draining much of the contents.
Perchlorate is both a naturally occurring and synthetic chemical that has been used as a medicine and as an ingredient in solid rocket propellent.
Items : Contact Cleaner (In 550 Ml Aerosol Can Co2 Base Propellent With Weight Of Active Ingredient Spraying Upside Down Position)
Chromalloy is the largest operating unit of Sequa Corporation, a diversified technology company headquartered in New York whose other principal operations include: the production of solid and liquid propellent and rocket motors for missiles and space; the manufacture of automotive airbag inflators; the manufacture of speciality chemicals at a facility in the United Kingdom for distribution to the international detergent market; the coating of metal coil for building products and other uses; the manufacture of auxiliary printing equipment, machinery for the two-piece can industry and automotive cigarette lighters, among other operations.