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B) LIFT CHARGE: An explosive, containing black powder, propels fireworks skyward.
Whereas a macroscale propeller takes a mass of water and throws it backward, Avron says, the helical appendage, or flagellum, that propels an E.
The device propels itself in a series of choreographed steps in which each balloon is alternatively inflated and deflated as the tube elongates and retracts.
For rapid cleaning, high velocity pressure blast equipment propels media four to six times faster than that of suction or siphon blast systems.
To surpass the speed limits set by leg power, the Skootakate propels skaters with engine power.
That's about as fast as a bacterium that propels itself forward with a tiny, whiplike tail.
MISMO's recent formation of a Governance Committee, charged with developing an infrastructure that supports the different segments of the mortgage industry, propels the organization's policies and procedures.
But, first, Ferris has to perfect the machine's electromagnetic levitation system, which supports and propels the snow deck.
com)-- Propel Marketing officially launched its digital solution offerings in January 2012.
The Propel Zero Just Dance Off, a live tournament using the popular Ubisoft game Just Dance 3, will be held at the historic El Capitan Theater, the home of Jimmy Kimmel Live
Acusis(R) LLC, a leading provider of medical transcription services, based in Pittsburgh, has contributed $100,000 to Propel Schools, a non-profit organization that is opening seven elementary charter schools throughout Western Pennsylvania.
These coils are part of a motor that moves the maglev by additional magnetic forces--in this case, to propel the train.