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Exactly what these evolving propensities are needs to be explored.
Evidence tending to prove that a dog has vicious propensities, for purposes of an owner's liability, include a prior attack, the dog's tendency to growl, snap, or bare its teeth, the manner in which the dog was restrained, and a proclivity to act in a way that puts others at risk of harm.
These results suggest the five-item GRP relates to openness, ambiguity tolerance, and financial risk propensities reasonably well.
Estimation points associated with low propensities correspond to young women from better socioeconomic backgrounds.
For Popper, propensities are the fundamental structure by which the world shows itself to be recalcitrant to the theories we impose on it,' so he concluded that 'a world fully amenable to critical inquiry is a world of propensities' (103; also 16, 18).
Acknowledging that the combination of group members' propensities to trust can impact group performance
This measure is particularly appropriate for this study because it focuses on personal propensities toward financial risk.
the existence of character propensities and by allowing liability to be
GeneLink's genetic profiles look at an individual's propensities for challenges in the future rather than their current condition and health status.
One way to face this problem is to determine the mating propensities of competing individuals from an independent experiment, and ask if they would be sufficient to explain the results of the choice tests.
Moreover, the investigators found that the diet-induced UCP2 activity varies among strains of mice with different propensities toward obesity.
While managers generally continued to choose the certain option even when presented with an opportunity, they were more likely in this situation to behave in line with their own risk propensities.