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The Store Owner's proper name might have been Target Stores Inc., as Trapeni asserted.
The US government's Board on Geographic Names states that the proper name is Persian Gulf, contrary to what Velayati says.
WHITSUNTIDE coming up this weekend, though not many people know it by its proper name these days.
Invent an angel and give her your seat at cocktail time and rush hour in this plaza with more benches than pigeons look then for a proper name for your fiction and pour it carefully over her hair avoiding a caress that might break the spell enjoy the fleeting moment your audacity proffers and do not open the newspaper nor consult your watch two sad and inappropriate habits in front of that cleavage with white wings who observes you meticulously as someone sharpening a pencil and discreetly raises her eyebrows when she uncrosses with that slowness that only they have maybe her name is Lola she has a mole a scarf and you will never see her again
Does the black hole at the center of our galaxy have a proper name?
Many Somalis have a nickname often as commonly used as their proper name. Farah said the suspected car bomb hit the vehicle in which the general was travelling.
The SmartClickConnect database hosts more than 4 million article archives, 2 million unique proper names and 52 million proper name references, and they're adding 2,000 new articles every day.
The momager still can't bring herself to use the transgender star's proper name after being married to Bruce Jenner for more than 20 years.
She loves that her proper name is Lil Miss Congeniality.
Shrove Tuesday, to give it its proper name (Carnival and Mardi Gras elsewhere in the world) is traditionally a day of fun and feasting before Ash Wednesday, when Christians fast during the 40 days of Lent in the run-up to Easter.
We may examine the proper name separately of its metaphoric relevance, focusing on the elucidation of the employments that the characters and the author make of names, and by that enabling us to perceive the name as a component of the text's language.
reinforced by his proper name), a nameless Don Juan floats on a sea of