properly qualified

See: competent
References in classic literature ?
Who was I, anyway, to know more about the sea and its ways than a properly qualified captain?
The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has demanded removal of non-technical people appointed to technical positions and filling these slots with properly qualified persons.
The Riverport reserves the right toreject any bid should the evidence submitted by, or investigation of, such bidder fail to satisfythe Riverport that such bidder is properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the Bid and tocomplete the project contemplated therein.
The next step was finding out how we could get properly qualified, both Max and myself, to search for vulnerable missing people here in Northern Ireland."
Stay informed people and don't accept anything less than you deserve: excellent healthcare provided by properly qualified doctors.
These reports, which are required by law by anyone selling a home in Scotland, should be put together by a properly qualified surveyor and usually start at about PS300 plus VAT.
* Only perform work that requires special licensing or certification if you're properly qualified.
The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) met with the presidents and secretaries of the national sports federations with POA chief retired Lt Gen Arif Hasan in the chair to decide only those coaches will be eligible who are properly qualified and have been associated in the training process.
Kevin Davis, 53, from Quinton, ran a company offering emergency medical care service despite not being properly qualified to treat patients.
Kevin Davis, aged 53, from Quinton, ran a company offering emergency medical care service, despite not being properly qualified to treat patients.
And there should be a greater requirement for those coming to Taiwan to teach English to be properly qualified to do so.
While appreciating Alif Alan for its good work, we would urge both Federal and Provincial governments to review their strategies, allocate more resources for education and apart from infrastructure and facilities, priority should also be given to induction of properly qualified and trained teachers, their retention through incentives, availability of modern training and above all elimination of massive corruption from education departments.