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Another semantic facet of the term that links up with the notion of properness is that of accuracy (example 28), which springs from the reading exactly (example 29), also present since Old English times and related to other terms within the broader onomasiological picture.
At the same time, properness is a visible marker on the female body.
In the Arab world, the current awakening that is finally spreading all across the region is providing ample proof for the properness and legitimacy of the wisdom that says success lies in knowing when to stop.
They are high browed, overly dressed sticklers for manners and properness.
Football has always caused a stir in social properness since the English came up with hooliganism in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
The following properness constraints must be satisfied: [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] = 1.
We now state a formal definition of properness, following Bailey (1973).
Three points should be discussed here: cost, properness and availability.
Marriage is to guarantee not only manly dignity, but also properness, propriety, and essentiality.
Its properness meant that--now and again--she could, perfectly properly, invite their daughter to visit her in the evening to discuss her poetry-writing (Caroline had won the headmistress's Prize for Poetry in her last year at school).
But in Uncivilised, Beatrice has a more missionary-like properness.