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The class role of the police in maintaining a coercive buffer on behalf of the propertied classes is clearly evidenced by those instances where they are temporarily unable to perform their role - i.
Langford, Public Life and the Propertied Englishman, 1689-1798 (Oxford, 1991).
A self-styled if not self-made propertied elite, this planter gentry studiously turned a revolutionary republican heritage into a conservative republican plea for social order somehow insulated from the vagaries of the industrial revolution.
Such freedom of expression as it exists in the United States comes not from any transcendental legal principles guaranteeing it, but through conflict and pressure on the propertied classes.
Finally, Ross locates the decision in the context of Miller's efforts to resist providing constitutional immunity to propertied interests against state and local legislation intended to promote the public good.
By the same token, most of Kuehn's examples concern bastards from the propertied classes; the economic and cultural stakes of their acknowledgment were higher than among poorer Florentines and consequently likelier to prompt disputes with legitimate siblings or other lineage members.
Propertied women, we find, could be more closely associated with matters of the mind and spirit even than lower-status males, and were poles apart from poor women who were closely tied to bodily, sexual, and irrational characteristics.
The Gordon Riots, however, which showed how easily a big political gathering could erupt out of control into terrifying mass violence, sent a chill down the collective spine of the English propertied and ruling classes that lasted for years and helped to inspire repressive legislation and harden resistance to reform.
He further argues that these early black authors produced definable black bodies in their texts to challenge the mass political subject which was "spec ifically imagined as disembodied while in reality he was most often white, male, and propertied.
Ironically, during the antebellum years each of the five judges shared with most of their Northern and Western counterparts a strict regard for the English rule; after the Civil War, however, Alabama's Chief Justice Stone (who alone of the six lived on into the postbellum era) struggled in professional isolation to maintain the old doctrine, while the rest of the nation's judges, North and South, displayed a new respect for the rights of at least white, propertied defendants.
Since the term did not specify what exactly was renounced (family, private property, society), one finds propertied as well as propertyless apotaktikoi/ai.