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Richardson discusses local content protections requiring producers use domestic inputs in their goods, the implications and effectiveness of preferential trading agreements, the interaction between trade policy and competition policy in a country, and legitimate branded goods that are imported into a country without the permission of the intellectual property holder.
Tenders are invited for Providing Drainage connection to Private Property holder with existing drainage line & Misc drainage work for Two Year in GUDA area.
If we want more, and more robust, community hubs, this transition needs to be made easier and cheaper for the Hub without hurting the bottom line of the school board or current property holder.
But Mark Heywood QC, prosecuting, said: "She was the main breadwinner and property holder and was contemplating selling the house and, with the children, leaving the defendant, because of her condition and the state of the relationship.
In a rough definition, the right to property generates power for the property holder to use the property, benefit from its outcomes, sell or transfer it.
16 April 2015 - UK-based semiconductor and software design company ARM Holdings plc (LSE: ARM) (NASDAQ: ARMH) has acquired Bluetooth Smart stack and profile provider Wicentric and sub-one volt Bluetooth radio intellectual property holder Sunrise Micro Devices, the company said on Thursday.
In recent times our expansion means we are also a major property holder in the region, and MIPIM is the global property and investment show.
leading intellectual property holder in the UAE," said Chris Wiener, SCST's operations
A clear slippage occurs here: because the property is privately held, it is assumed that the property holder can exclude others from its use and the owner can build it as he wishes.
Property has a social function in the sense that the property holder is a social being, joined together with others in a network of communities such as family, neighborhood, place of worship, workplace.
alleged property holder has at his disposal against an intrusion or
23 October 2012 -- New York-based medical and gaming intellectual property holder MGT Capital Investments, Inc.

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