property holder

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Amarantus is the primary intellectual property holder for MANF-based therapeutics.
The Environment and Urban Planning Ministry and Oy-uzhan Boyacy, a property holder in the contested area, then appealed the decision to the yzmir Regional Administrative Court, demanding its annulment.
In recent times our expansion means we are also a major property holder in the region, and MIPIM is the global property and investment show.
leading intellectual property holder in the UAE," said Chris Wiener, SCST's operations
Property has a social function in the sense that the property holder is a social being, joined together with others in a network of communities such as family, neighborhood, place of worship, workplace.
Beginning with the observation that we know very little about Shakespeare's political commitments but that we know quite a bit more about Shakespeare as a property holder, Armitage goes on to reconstruct Shakespeare's conception of public life and participation in it based on shifting understandings of property in early modern England.
The council reached a compromise with the property holder that the basket would be removed.
The government has even set up teams of district officers (DOs) concerned, law enforcers, revenue officers, girdawars, patwaris, environment officers and town officers of the concerned areas to monitor these areas and take action against any private property holder who attempts construction on this land.
Sterling National has been owned by Sterling Property Holder Limited Partnership, and its operations were run by Sterling Property Management Limited Partnership.
Health insurance for the property holder and his dependents.
This would require the filing of forms indicating clear consent from the property holder both in the initial staking process and where major changes to the initial plan are required.

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