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Together, Prophesy Dispatch TMS and Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR provide dispatchers with a real-time view of available hours for each driver, as well as complete visibility into asset location, fuel consumption, driver behaviors, safety analytics and vehicle diagnostics.
However, the jihadist group has appeared to back away from Dabiq's symbolism more recently after advances by Turkey-backed rebels put the village at risk of capture, saying this battle was not the one described in the prophesy.
He cried, Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you.
In our day, we have seen this prophesy come true in the amazing and powerful expansion of prophetic voice and the role of women in the churches and in the world.
Darling doggie can preach and prophesy with the best of them in a new "Proud Christian" dog T-shirt.
There is great fear in opening up our ministry to others; like Joshua in Numbers, we seek to stop those who prophesy.
These writings consisted of 38 books of the Hebrew Bible (the oldest known copies in the world) as well as apocryphal material, original rule books for community living, psalms, and books of prophesy, and are the basis (along with accounts by Josephus (an ancient Jewish historian) and contemporary archaeological discoveries), and are the legacies from which Professor Hanson has developed a kind of ethical handbook for contemporary readers.
With great depth and scholarly insight, Witherington covers many spectra of the faith with analysis on sin, God's sovereignty, prophesy, grace and the Holy Spirit.
But as the months go by with no plan and no money, businesses and families will, make permanent decisions to relocate elsewhere, and the loss of faith in a Gulf region recovery with become a self-fulfilling prophesy.
Sold as a slave, she advances her position from menial labor by storytelling and prophesy.
Asked whether he thought that the diesel engine will ever catch on in passenger cars in North America, Pischinger replies: "It's difficult to prophesy.
Through her examination of the trope of prophesy, Haywood, a product of a Baptist and Pentecostal tradition, traces the contribution of nineteenth-century black women preachers on the spiritual life of the community and on the art and imagination of African American women writers.