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In our study, the responses of male Orconectes propinquus crayfish to a crushed conspecific male crayfish, odor from a stressed crayfish or a food source odor were recorded and compared.
propinquus et remotus; sed, omissa subtili investigatione, dicendum est
Parasites such as the trematodes Pygidiopsis genata (metacercaria), Cryptocotyle concavum met., Cryptocotyle lingua met., and Timoniella imbutiforme met., nematode Dichelyne minutus, and acanthocephalan Acanthocephaloides propinquus were previously observed in the three gobiids in various sites of the northwestern Black Sea and Crimean coasts.
Currently, formulations based on Rehmannia glutinosa, wild ginseng, Astragalus propinquus, and bee venom are in clinical use.
Acrometopa servillea (Brulle, 1832), Platycleis grisea (Fabricius, 1781) and Poecilimon propinquus Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 are reported as new to Mt.
The northern Clearwater crayfish, Orconectes propinquus Girard 1852, is a species native to eastern Canada and the northern United States.
Physiological responses to acid stress in crayfish (Orconectes propinquus): Haemolymph ions, acid-base status, and exchanges with the environmental.
Fine structure of aesthetasc chemoreceptors in the crayfish Orconectes propinquus. Can.
Radix Astragali is the dried root of Astragalus propinquus (Fisch.) Bge.
Seasonal maduration of Catadiscus propinquus (Digenea: Diplodiscidae) in Lysapsus limellus (Anura: Pseudisae) from Argentinean subtropical permanent pond.