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To counter this, wise village elders are sharing their secret ceremonies and cultivation techniques with the young in hopes of propitiating the traditional deities and thus to revive the ancient size of these sacred giant tubers.
If every entry of the LEED[TM] model was taken into account in an adequate manner along the service life of the building and in each of its phases (from pre-design to end of service life), then natural and human resources would be saved, the facilities and their correct functioning would be secured as well, including those of the whole system and the subsystems that compose the building, propitiating a lengthy service life with planned durability, estimated in the phases of design.
In this manner, CDM would be propitiating the production of two powerful GGs in an enormous deal, partly fraudulent, whose activity does not help sustainable development.
He has succeeded in propitiating both divine powers and political bosses with equal finesse.
by offering a panoramic view of recent developments and cross-disciplinary approaches in the field, and by propitiating a much-needed conversation between the Social Sciences and the Humanities.
System of information of management of waste (SIMW); they are databases that allow modeling and simulating to select, evaluate and optimize the management and control of waste, propitiating solutions for the large volumes of municipal waste, even before it is generated.
It additionally facilitates mastication and oral hygiene, preserving periodontal physiology and propitiating clinical longevity of the restoration.
In fact, the connection between ghosts and the god suggests that the act of propitiating the ghosts is an act of worship of Tudi Gong.
But Georgia, whose desire for NATO membership had US support, is not in NATO because some prospective members of McCain's league of democracies, for instance Germany, thought that starting membership talks with Georgia would complicate the project of propitiating Russia.
Instead of propitiating female integration, men consistently fight female encroachment into the traditional male arenas of power.
They are the first plants that install propitiating satisfactory conditions that are micro-environmental for the establishment of more demanding vegetation (Leme 1993).