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Romans 3:25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith (in his blood), to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; This word REMISSION in the Greek is 'toleration', today will we would use 'TOTAL'.
(stating that the Lord Jesus "is the propitiation for our sins; and
(9) For specific details on mountain deity propitiation in Sikkim, see Balikci-Denjongpa, "Kanchendzonga." Nebesky-Wojkowitz provides a comprehensive overview of different categories of protector deities in the Tibetan and Himalayan world.
However, these studies have also shown that the lives of peoples reliant on the sea are fraught with unpredictability, and that belief in the efficacy of spirit propitiation is a common means of ensuring both good fortune and protection.
This debt was the punishment due to us for our sin against him, and he paid it by giving his Son 'as a propitiation'" (cited in Jeffery et al.
Sidhu was nominated to the Rajya Sabha earlier this year in a move that was seen as propitiation after he was asked to make way for Arun Jaitley in Amritsar for the 2014 national election.
High hills were sites of propitiation to the buffalo as well as viewpoints where their movements could be seen.
If, as is the case in the YY, they are responsible for oneiric signs, their propitiation may also help indicate the outcome of the king's expedition.
(18) There are two aspects of tued: compensation in terms of monitory value or kind, and ritual propitiation provisions in terms of a pig sacrifice, 1.8 meter of white cloth (sedepeh beracu) to cool feelings (pinaneb), and one ceremonial sword (karit ilang) for soul strengthening (ngetueh burur).
In fact, it might be read as an expression of out-and-out emotional conflict--the infant seems to demand propitiation as much as love.
"Let me give you back this job you gave to me as a propitiation for all of this season of bad will that has grown up among us," Wright told colleagues, his voice choked with emotion.
It speaks of the security of eternal life Jesus provides to those who believe in his life, death on the cross as a propitiation for human sins, and the power his resurrection has to free them from punishment.