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35) But while Alcina praised Filipino navigational skills, he does not mention the propitiation that would have been necessary to solicit the goodwill of supernatural forces by recognising their superior knowledge.
Atonement in Romans 3: 21-26: God presented him as a propitiation.
And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for those of the whole world; 1 John 2: 1-2).
It may have attributed to Porphyry's type of celibacy which drives him to a ten month old marriage with the Jewish widow, Marcella, which to him is a 'gift from heaven' (Ad Marcellam, 3), his reasons for marriage being the propitiation of gods of generation (2) and protection of Marcella who conceived an attraction suitable for 'true philosophy'.
6) Diferentemente da lingua portuguesa, no frances o substantivo propitiation guarda um sentido estritamente religioso, significando o ritual que se faz com o objetivo de agradar a Deus, ou obter seu perdao.
Men, women, and children were all eligible to be destroyed in this quaint practice, depending on which god needed propitiation at the moment.
Since the late nineteenth century, Islamic reformers have striven to purify Muslim practices, and they have been inclined to see local forms of Islam centred on the propitiation of ancestors and sacred sites as 'a kind of perverted Hinduism' (Cederroth 1999:10).
It shows the crises propitiation to which the Indian economy has been reduced," he added.
The tales of Day Seven, therefore, recounted under the sign of Venus in the Valley of the Ladies, represent a world turned upside-down, a carnival in which everything is permitted, an erotic bacchanal, a rite of carnivalesque propitiation to ensure successful regeneration after the deadly plague, from which the young people were fleeing at the start of the work and to which they return.
Many researchers from India have reported that people often find relief in religious propitiation and surrender to the will of God when faced with intractable disease and disability (Dalal, 2000; Harrison et al, 2001; Brown et al, 2003; Pal et al, 2005; Farheen et al, 2008; Gupta, 2011).
The second describes stories of the intertwining of human and tiger spirits and chapter three addresses appeasement and propitiation.
He is some sort of a devil, the propitiation of which gives the worshipper extraordinary power", he explained.